Top 8 Graphic Design Trends 2017

Now, after saying goodbye to 2016, it’s time for you to work on the best 2017 trends, for the field of graphic designs. Digital world is a fast changing approach. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to work on with the latest graphic design trends, which are sure to create a long lasting effect, this year. With every passing year, the competition in the field of graphic design is becoming fierce. So, choosing anyone of the lot, just by believing on his or her word of mouth, doesn’t seem to be a good idea. So, it’s time to get down to the points, where you get to see the top 8 design trends of this New Year.

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8 latest graphic design trends to watch out are given below:

With New Year come new options. And the same rule is applicable in the field of graphic design trends. To match with latest changing trends of Google’s algorithm, it is mandatory to work with the best designers. They have been associated with this field for years, and would love to offer some quality results, as per client’s requirements.

Introducing the Modern Retro Design

A perfect amalgamation of modern and retro design can easily give a refreshing look to the graphic design. All the modernized designs are well integrated with the retro color palette and typefaces, for spinning this magic. It is currently rising in popularity, and can even find its way into proper packaging. And this method is not just restricted to graphic designs, but can be seen in logo and other ventures, too.

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Bright Colors are In

In the logo, subtle color is an ever growing trend. But, when it comes to graphic design, nothing can beat the importance of louder and bright colors. Long gone are those days, when you have to work on easy to digest and safe colors. It helps in creating a functional ad sleek design, for all your modern trends and setups.

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Responsive Graphics

Well, nowadays, any company without a mobile base is not going to survive. People are more smartphone savvy, and they hardly have time to sit in front of the PC and browse the website. Therefore, you might want to work on the graphic designs, which are responsive enough. So, a single design can now easily incorporate well with various screens and resolutions. It is more like a proper value for you to work on.

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Going for Material Design

This is completely new in the kitty, and is gaining some serious popularity, these days. Material design is going to be the boldest and biggest trends of the graphical world. It is easy to understand and people will find some similarity in the package, too. Google created this magnificent style guide, and it is used for simplify the way, designers used to work.

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Vibrant Duotones

Now, introducing this bold and proficient use of contrasting colors in present duotones can always help your image to pop up in the crowd. It will work well with neutral background and helps in creating 3D effect, too. This kind of design is well-suited for blogs and some social media sites.

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Minimal Choices

Avoid going for the designs or fonts, which are too loud. It can then create a clumsy effect to it. And if the graphic design is clustered, then it won’t work with attractiveness. So, try avoiding it to the fullest, and try incorporating the minimalistic choices.

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Hand Drawn Images are In

That simple and cartoonish image is now in vogue. So, the graphic designers are looking for those hand drawn illustrated images in their chosen projects. It helps in adding a human element to it and with a nostalgic feel. It’s like getting back to your childhood days.

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Flat and Modular Styles

The format of proper graphic designs is now flat and with modular touches to it. Conventional designs are not much in fashion, these days, and it’s time to check on the modular layout, with some unique designs and style sense.
It is always interesting for you to work on the best graphic designs, only after consulting experts. They are into this field for years and would like to offer you with quick help, in making the right decision.

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