Want Your Employees to Promote Your Business on Social Media? – Here is the Guide!

For example, you are an e-commerce company that sells mobile phones, TVs, and computer. Your employee count is 500 and each of them has minimum 500 friends on Facebook.

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When every new product is launched, if they hit share button it will reach 250000 people within a few seconds. Even though the estimated 20000 mutual connections are not considered, still it is more than 200000.

If Facebook is a wonderful platform for B2C businesses to run this kind of marketing campaigns, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B businesses. Twitter can work for both.

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See how wonderful and easy the marketing is. Have you ever heard about the term Employee Advocacy? This is what I have explained about till now.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy is the method of promoting an organization by its employees.An employee advocate is someone who raises awareness for his company and recommends the company’s products or services to his friends or family members.

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Employee advocacy is becoming a strategic initiative for more and more large and even for small scale companies.

Companies always look outside corporate walls for brand ambassadors, but they often neglect their most passionate advocates who are loyal to the organization and have good influence in social networks, both online and offline.

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The more employees share the company’s social media messages, the wider reach a company can achieve in social media.

Successful employee advocacy initiative is the result of effective employee advocacy program.

Top Brands that Succeeded in Employee Advocacy

The American coffee company Starbucks skyrocketed its brand value and revenue through a strategic employee advocacy program. In fact, they had a comprehensive social media guidelines that set them apart from its competitors.

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The American multinational telecommunications company AT&T had the same success. Their strategy was centered on choosing employees who are most active on social media and using their accounts to promote the company. They were told to spread behind-the-scenes information and news about the firm. That worked magically.

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IBM’s strategy was somewhat different from others. Their Redbooks Thought Leadership Program helped their employees improve their blogging and social media skills. In return, they were asked to contribute to the Redbooks blog, whether that could be their personal experience about the company or insights about the company’s products and services.

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International IT consulting firm Bluewolf, online fashion store Zappos, HPE, Vodafone, Reebok, Sprint and Dell, all were able to yield the finest fruit of employee advocacy program.

If you don’t have an employee advocacy program yet, let me tell you how to create it.

Use any of the below tools to create and manage your employee advocacy program:

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Top Tools to Create Employee Advocacy Program

  • GaggleAMP(gaggleamp.com)
  • SocialChorus (socialchorus.com)
  • PeopleLinx(peoplelinx.com)
  • Trapit (trap.it)

Tips to Create Employee Advocacy Program

  1. Create multiple images and headlines for every single post

Because of mutual connections, when a user sees your post multiple times, it may frustrate him. Further, it may lead him to report your post. Make sure this won’t happen.

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How to avoid this? Use different images and headlines for the same post.

A Facebook post of FuGenX, a global iPhone and android apps development company, tells you everything about this.

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The image of the above post can be changed to some other interesting image. Likewise, the headline can be modified as “These 7 Mistakes in App Development Could be Costly for Startups”.

So users won’t feel annoyed about your post even though they had seen the same in the morning.

  1. Create a culture that supports employee advocacy
  1. Set policies that control what employees can post
  1. Educate employees on social media best practices
  1. Create an employee advocacy mission
  1. Appoint employee advocacy leaders
  1. Track the right metrics to measure the results of employee advocacy

Wrapping Up

Employee Advocacy has not just created opportunities forB2C businesses, even tech companies like mobile application development companies and cloud computing companies are harnessing the power of it. If you don’t have an employee advocacy program in place, this is the right time you can put a foundation stone.

Priyanga, an experienced content writer working in a Mobile application development company Jeddah. I like to write content based on technology, Startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.