Important Guidelines for Creating Logo for A Brand

Give some thought to the world’s most recognisable logos and what do you notice? For the most part, they’re simple, eye catching and not only recognisable by the name, the font (in some cases), but also by the colours – don’t know what colours are used in the Google logo? There’s actually a very good chance that you do.

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Here you need to follow the guidelines for creating logo for your brand, and to reiterate what’s been mentioned so far, these guidelines involve simplicity, aesthetic appeal, font and colours. Here are a few more to think about when creating your brand’s logo, one that stands out and furthers recognition and awareness of your brand.

Guidelines for Creating Logo

Use your brand name in your logo – You’re not as recognisable as Nike, yet

We all recognise the Nike Swoosh but you’re not Nike, nor will your start-up have the same recognisability for many years to come. The reason that Nike’s Swoosh works so well is because it’s been about for years and consumers have had years to become aware of it – you haven’t got years so cut to the chase and use your brand name in your logo.

Whilst it’s ok to add ornamental art to your brand’s logo, the rule here is ‘keep it simple’.

Simplicity works … and extremely well too

As you’ve probably noticed, the most recognisable, not to mention the coolest, logos are the simplest ones; moreover, they don’t need to summarise what you do or what your business is all about.

Christina Desmarais makes an excellent point; “Ever seen a car manufacturer with a picture of a car as its logo?” Logos don’t need to communicate what a business does but they do need to communicate a message. The example in the link above is of electric motorcycle company Brammo with their simple logo successfully conveying the impression of strength.

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Ensure your logo is readable

If you understand the concept of branding you’ll understand exactly why your logo must be readable. You don’t have the time to wait for consumers to catch onto what your logo say, your logo has to jump out and grab their attention. That’s difficult to do when consumers struggle to read the name on a logo.

Work with a designer

If you have talented artists in-house then you might be able to get away without working with a designer, but as a general rule, working with a designer with strong branding experience is advisable. Basically, you don’t want to change or alter your design – ever – so make sure you get it right the first time.

Seeing that design agencies in Australia, the UK or US can be expensive to work with, many start-ups look to Asia. Now that’s a trend you’ve surely familiar with.

Logos must be versatile

Your logo must also be versatile, for example, working well on all mediums – websites, t-shirts, billboards, business cards and brochures – and when printed with toner or ink cartridges, plus it must also be adaptable and readable on different backgrounds, most notably black or white.

If you use multiple colours in your logo ensure the logo is versatile and works well in both colour and greyscale, plus, and many designers recommend this, it should also work well in black and white.

Also take into account both large and small formats – some logos fare well on large formats but become obscured by too much detail on small formats. This is yet another reason why you should keep your logo simple.

Your logo says so much about your business – get it right the first time.

See what are the 5 elements for logo design in following Youtube video:

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