8 Guidelines to Select the Perfect Font for Designs

In web and graphic design, fonts play a key role to make the layout attractive. Fonts add beauty to your design and they also serve as a communication tool. Professional web design New York experts work on several client projects and due to the variation in typography fonts, some artists find it hard to select the ideal fonts for their designs. If you also get confused when it comes to font selection, here are some tips to choose the most suitable typeface for your designs.

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Guidelines to Select the Perfect Font

Be Very Clear about the Design Concept

You must be very clear about your assignment because the same font can’t be used for all types of assignments. For example, if you are designing a wedding invitation, then you must use stylish, elegant fonts to highlight the romantic element of the event. Similarly, if you are designing the website of a cartoonist, you can use a jovial font like “comic sans” to express the site owner’s profession through your design. Don’t just use a font because you like it. The typeface must suit the concept of the layout.

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Pay Attention to Visual Aesthetics

You should not select a font that won’t look good in your design. The font should look attractive as well as perfect for your client’s goal. Also, make sure that the fonts you select will work together perfectly.

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Consider the Mood

It may seem surprising, but almost all the typefaces evoke a certain mood when you view them. Some fonts look very romantic and some of them look creepy. You have to decide what type of emotion you expect from your target audience and then use the apt font. For example, if you want to promote a horror film from your online ticketing website, you can use a typeface that will scare the audience.

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Establish Typographic Hierarchy

In a website design, you can have different fonts for your heading, sub-headings, call-to-action and much more. Make sure that users can understand which one is used for body and which one stands for call-to-action. To achieve this goal, you should use contrasting typefaces and change the size of fonts. For example, the headings and call-to-action can be large and the body text can be smaller.

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Measure the Space

Designers often fill the layout with images and then they fill the white space with text. Every type of font occupies certain amount of space. So, you have to consider the amount of text you want to place in the website layout and then select the font.

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Decide the Type Category

If you work in a web design New YorkCompany, then you must be aware of the fact that there are a number of font categories available for you to use in your designs. Some of the popular font categories are Sans Serif, Serif, Decorative, Modern etc. Spend some time to decide which category suits the goal of your assignment.

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Pay Attention to Readability

Never use a typeface that looks beautiful, but impossible to read. Whether you design a website or a brochure, the content is the key to sell any product or service. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the readability of a font before implementing it in your design.

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Get Inspired

If you just started working as a designer, then you have lot to learn from veterans in the industry. During free time, you can scan the websites designed by famous web and graphic designers to understand what font styles they are using. If you find a few typeface combinations that look amazing, apply the same principle in your designs to satisfy your clients.

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If you are planning to join a web design New Yorkcompany in future, you must have a clear knowledge about font styles. Hope this article enhanced your knowledge about fonts.

This article is written by John Edwards. John is a graphic designer by profession and works in a renowned web design New YorkCompany. He is a part time blogger as well at http://topwebdesignny.com/.