Half A Dozen Reasons for Abandoning Your Shopping Cart

According to the study of Forrester Research, consumers of United States will spend 327 billion dollars online by 2016.This year alone ecommerce sales went 16% up. Here is a startling fact: 83.9% of internet researchers are making one purchase through the web. Did I miss one more fact with you? Certainly yes! The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 65.23%!!!

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Guess what. For some reasons we are just not able to get the tons of money from consumers who are willing to spend. So why the heck online shoppers are angry with our ecommerce websites:

abandon shopping cart

High Shipping Costs

Recently we handled a car accessories client. In order to increase sales, the first recommendation we put forth is free shipping, at least to offer minimal shipping cost. Immediately we saw the surge in sales. Shipping is the differentiator. What owners normally think is if the more shipping do the more discounts logistics management companies give.

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That’s not the case. There are windows of opportunity. (a)Work with surcharges, (b) volume of parcel, and (c) single shipping.

(a)Work with surcharges: Multiyear contract will work for online merchants. Don’t allow carriers to put extra charges for remote areas.

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(b) Volume of parcel: Try to work out according to your business. Outsource to both government and private carriers. For instance Fedex won’t charge much for light weight parcels while USPS charges are less for heavier packages comparing to others.

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(c) Single Shipping: This is applicable only if you are importing the foreign commodities. For instance you are selling the products that come from China, Iran or Sri Lanka. Instead shipping to your warehouse directly route to customer.

High Product Price

Still online shopping buyers feel the pricing is high. Of course the price comparison is available between brands and models but pricing remains elusive. Another key factor is no room to bargain.

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No Guest Checkout Option

Still there are websites that won’t let customers to purchase anonymously. Understood need registration to write reviews but not for purchase. Like malls even online shopping buyers are afraid of promotional email advertisements. All are not ready to reveal personal information.

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Bad Experience While Checkout

One common complaint from the visitors is they just failed to find the checkout button. What if call to action is great and checkout is small. No use.

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“Our site is compatible to Internet Explorer 7”. Oh! Give me a break. Is it my error I visited your website through firefox or chrome. The combined market share of firefox and chrome is nearly 60%. Website must compatible to all the browsers.

Its normal requesting registration while checkout but after completing registration don’t push once again back to cart.

Too Much Information to be Filled

Imagine 15 fields plus 2 more fields for credit or net banking details needed to fill while purchasing a product. Are we participating in national census? Even genuine visitors that is to say buyers won’t be comfortable to give more information. It is better to keep the contact form short and fields that are only required.

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Slow Loading Website

Whom to blame; Designer or developer? One of my clients has 9 banner ads, fifteen 300*300 size product images and 20 thumbnail images in homepage. Reluctantly he removed the unwanted images. Only when his sales improved client was happy with our decision. If your website won’t open within five seconds immediately visitor goes to another website.

Other miscellaneous issues are not offering enough payment option, asking extra charges, spamming with offers and not clearly mentioning the shipping charges.

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