Home Decor 101: How to Transform Your Home with What You Have?

Is your home starting to feel ho-hum? You can have a great new space just by shopping your home and taking a fresh look at your furniture and accessories. Consider these tips to transform your home and to give it an impressive makeover without having to spend extra on new items:

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The first impression when you walk into your home is your entryway. If there are too many extras that seem to clutter the space, take everything out. After you clear out these items, go shopping in your rooms. If there is a cute chair that is not being used or a side table or basket tucked away in a corner, use it for your entryway to recreate the space.

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Have you had the same old things on top of the kitchen cabinets for years? Clear them away and use that space to display a favorite collection. Instead of the same blender, mixer, spice rack and other items, find something unique and use it instead. Whether you use travel knick-knacks, a collection of books or recipes or your favorite figurines, use the kitchen to display the fun items you are proud of, rather than your kitchen appliances.

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The bedroom should be cozy and inviting. Think about storage and re-purpose a china cabinet into linen storage. Do you need that bedside table or would a file drawer do double duty covered with a pretty tablecloth? An unused media cabinet can find new life as an armoire.

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Living Room

The perfect place to incorporate things you may have forgotten you have is the living room. Walk through the house to find items that aren’t being used well in other rooms and display them here. An old laundry basket might make for the perfect storage for your blankets. The great thing about the living room is that it often allows for more than one of them on different walls or areas of the room.

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Dining Room

Often the least-used room in the home., the dining room could be the perfect place for a reading nook using chairs that didn’t make it back into the living room. Find a side table you’re not using and a small lamp to create a retreat.

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Gather stacks of towels or bottles of lotion in pretty baskets you have sitting around unused. Re-purpose and re-use hooks and hangars to bring order to the bath. A child’s dresser serves up a new life when used in the bath for makeup and hair accessories.

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When you are redesigning your rooms, be sure to clear out all the clutter. Consider renting a storage unit and move things you’re no longer using completely out of your house. You’ll be more inclined to part with something when you’re not used to seeing it every day and you will love the feeling of space in your home.

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