HOT – Android 5.0 – What Can We Expect?

Android phone users have been very pleased with the latest version, known as Jelly Bean, but their 5.0 version – to be known as Key Lime Pie – is on the horizon and there is a growing queue of smartphone users who are waiting for it.  So what will be different about this version?


At the present moment in time, this operating system is still in development so there is no definite news on a release date at the moment, but Google are to hold a developer conference in May 2013 so it is widely expected that definite plans for release will be announced then.  It is also fully expected that one of the first handsets to use it first will be a Motorola as well as a new Nexus phone. Check out android rooting issues.

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Android 5.0

Features on the Android 5.0 version are not yet available to us but there has been a great deal of speculation in recent months.  Reviewers and consumers alike have been pondering the type of features that they would like to see on the new handset and it is reasonable to assume that some of the features will be refinements of existing features.

1- Better Power Management

One thing that some reviewers are hoping for is improved performance profiles.  These would allow a quick and easy way of managing the handset’s performance and help to get the most from the battery life, for example, offer a gaming mode or a low-power feature for overnight.

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2- Multi-Device Synchronisation

It is also hoped that there will improvement in managing several devices.  Google has already done some work in this area so it is reasonable to consider that they might improve on this in the future, allowing users to use the same app on different devices without losing their place when watching a video for example.

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3- Contact Management

It is also expected that Google will improve selection in the contacts section of the system.  Adding a checkbox system to the selection process will remove the need for them to be added individually each time you want to send a group email or text.  It could also help if you could create a mailing list, so that this does not have to be done each time you want to send out a group email.

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4- SMS Synching

The ability to sync SMS messages could come in handy for those who regularly move their SIM from one handset to another.  Text messages are generally stored on the phone so when the SIM moves the texts do not.  Being able to back this up in some way, either to a microSD or a SIM would help to keep the process much simpler for users and to be honest, it does not seem as though it is a lot to ask!  Other kinds of data can be easily stored on the SIM and SD cards, so why not texts?

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Wait and See

However, we just have to wait and see what Google come up with.  The good news is that regular development and updates of operating systems are a fact of life now for smartphone users so we know that everything will be improved and refined, it is just a question of when!

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