House Makeover Ideas for New Year

As 2013 draws to a close, it is time to think about new beginnings and improving your lifestyle. Your household interiors play a big part in your quality of life and shouldn’t be forgotten about when choosing New Year’s resolutions. The good news is that there a number of trends you can take advantage of when choosing how to makeover your home. We will list a few of these to give you some inspiration about what to do.

Neutral Bases, Bright Colours

The New Year has been forecasted to contain some interesting colour combinations within the home. If you’re thinking about repainting the interiors, a good idea is to opt for a neutral base colour such as white, cream, grey or black. Using this as the foundation of your artistic interiors, you can then add splashes of colours around the room. Home makeovers using neutral and vivid colours will have a huge impact on future guests and visitors. While the overall look won’t be overwhelming, your attention will then be drawn to certain brightly coloured objects in the room. These can be anything from curtains to appliances so just use your imagination and also check out interior design trends 2014 to get a better idea.

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A Look to the Past

In today’s modern age, the online world dominates and trends whip by at breakneck speed. As a result, people are looking to slow down in their homes, seeking vintage designs that remind us of a simpler time. This can be done in a number of different ways:

  • Purchasing traditional decorations and ornaments
  • Using timber cupboards, shelving, panels, etc.
  • Buying home furniture based on old style fabrics

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Seeking out a classic look for your home can be a great way to bring about an interior that reminds us of days gone by and which is ultimately comfortable to live in. Check out floor design trends 2014.

Space Saving Trends

These days, modern homes are quite cramped especially if you live in the inner city. Luckily, there’s been plenty of innovation in space saving techniques. For example, Spaceslide wardrobe doors can be customised to maximise space efficiency. Instead of your cupboard doors requiring vacant areas in which they can swing out, free up your floor by installing a set of sliding doors instead. Another solution is to partition a large room into two smaller ones using a room divider. This will give you more control of your home’s interiors, allowing you to optimise the overall layout through some clever, space saving techniques.

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Playing with Light & Shadow

Lastly, one of the newest focal points to be in trend this 2014 is the efficient use of light and shadow. If you have natural light flooding into your household, you’ll need to think about using these elements to maximum effect. For instance, metal kitchen appliances or glass room dividers may reflect light and make it hard on the eyes. You can check out kitchen design trends 2014 here.

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On the other hand, you can safely place timber or plastic furnishings and decorations in locales where there’s plenty of light. Take a moment to look at your interior and how the sun affects it at different times during the day, and you can then play with light and shadow in a natural, pleasant manner.

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These are just four of the top home decoration trends coming up this 2014. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration about how to makeover your interiors as best as you can, changing your surroundings so you have a fresh start in the New Year. Whether you opt to change the colour scheme or install some contemporary sliding doors, we are sure your new household will look absolutely fantastic as a result. This 2014, aim for new beginnings within the home.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Spaceslide, one of the leading suppliers of quality wardrobe systems in the UK. By visiting their website, you can find details about their range of Spaceslide wardrobe doors.