How Mobile Apps have Changed the Lifestyle?

In today’s world of smartphones and easy to use operating system, almost everything we do happens through a group package of code known as “App”.

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Now these apps provide a world of possibilities. But if you are not careful, they can pull you away from the real world.


It is a mobile app society.  You can call it good or bad. It just it.  

Smartphone apps are becoming the super star for billions of tech enthusiasts who use them in their life for shopping, reading, learning, dating and playing more with their fingerprints.

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The fact is that apps have changed lifestyle and become an integral part of every mango people and not hidden to anyone. Now everyone knows how Internet and mobile has revolutionized the society around and got the friend and folks stay connected round the clock.

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Let’s take a look at Aini’s life – she is a business development evangelist. She says “I am using my smartphone when I am sleeping every night. She turns on an app called sleep cycle and carry her phone into bed. Sleep cycle monitors her sleep patterns and wakes her at the right time.

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Before she is going to outside of her home she check the weather via another app and connects with her online world via Facebook and emails. She completely depends on mobile apps and says her life has become very easy to handle things.

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In free time or in office she loves to listen music. She just plugs in her headphones and enjoys good music via sound cloud (music app). She says that she has more than 60 apps on her phone, each serving a different purpose. She handle her bank account through the ICICI bank app & finds metro schedules through another app. She used to make list of grocery items through big basket, send text her friends with WhatsApp & edit her photos via Instagram to share with her friends.

Soon, apps emerged for practically every need in a person’s day.

Let’s take a look at how these apps have transformed our lives.

  • Convenience Redefined: App like UrbanClap lets you find out verified and experience service providers for almost anything that you need including language experts, electricians, teachers, plumbers and pest control instructors etc. It is very convenient to use such app without any painful directory to find what you are looking for.
  • Meeting with other now easier: “I’ll meet you there.” There was a time when those words would have required a bunch of follow-up details. That time is called “all of human history before everybody had a mobile phone.” But now there is no need to go to that person for meeting. You can just use an app like skype or WeChat or you can easily make a video call with your friends. Such apps are actually changing our lifestyle.
  • Food:  Now getting your favorite eat out has become very easy, thanks to the food ordering apps which get freshly prepared cuisines from the restaurants or dining spots of your choice at your doorstep. Now no more waiting in queues at restaurants.
  • Travel: After cab operators like Ola and Taxi for Sure, another popular cab operator Uber knocks the door of Indians to offer them first 2 rides for free, and get them more free rides on every referred ride. Says Aini, Business Analyst, “I have been using free rides from referrals to my friends for the last 4 months, thanks to these cab apps which offer best services. Now I don’t have to argue with auto rickshaw driver anymore for negotiating rates.
  • Entertainment: Today people are fond of movies. Every weekend 2 and 3 movies are released and all want to watch their favorite actor movie. Due to this we face a huge line in front of ticket window. Apps like Bookmyshow can fetch your movie tickets in your smartphones, the ticket prices can be further reduced by paying through specific channels.

Like Aini, we all must be using apps to ease our lives and to be more productive in what we do.

Ashish Sharma is Key Account Management, Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – Mobile App Development Company in India. Focused on helping enterprises &StartUps– from domestic to MNCs.