How Organizing Giveaways Can Help Boost Your Blogs Brand & Traffic?

As the world of blogging slowly becomes crowded and crowded, it is only wise to market your blog slightly different from the rest. You want to embark on a mission to give your worthy visitors an incentive to come back. You also want to achieve viral popularity so you double or even triple your traffic. This is best done through frequent giveaways which are our topic for today.

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What are the benefits of organizing giveaways on your blog?

More Traffic

People like free stuff. And the moment they learn that they’ll get something in return for visiting your blog, they’re quite surely want to keep visiting it. Cumulatively, this translates to a viral following that could see your online traffic go through the roof; quite literary. What is important though, is to sustain a consistent give-away campaign so that your traffic remains stable over time. Giveaways work perfectly well when accompanied with good blog design and valuable content.

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You probably know how difficult it is to acquire a sustainable subscriber base from scratch. Well, with well choreographed give-away events, you stand a huge chance to attract a huge number of followers. People will crave to join your mailing list so they get free updates from you. You can take advantage of this to increase your rate of opt-in(s) and take your online marketing experience to a whole new level. Real time statistics show that landing pages with contest (and consequent giveaways) collect 700% more email subscribers.

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Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Consistently high traffic comes with many benefits chief among them being improving your Alexa Rank. So philosophy behind this is very simple, you simply dish-out some giveaways, achieve consistent traffic and then Alexa will rank you as a top site. A high Alexa Rankings helps webmasters and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your blog. This definitely increases your chances of getting high bids for advertising space on your blog.

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Free Promotion

You can use free giveaways to lure other marketers to promote your blog. As everyone would like to win the prize, they’ll try their best to meet your expectations so they walk away with the prize (or whatever it is). To make the most out of this boost, be sure to work with marketers who specialize in your niche. There also popular sites that specialize in promoting giveaways which you can use to acquire more traffic.

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Reduce that Bounce Rate

Got a high bounce rate? May be you should give giveaways a try. Although there are many factors that contribute to a high bounce rate, you can never go too wrong by featuring a give-away event as one of the ways to lower it. In addition to this, you’ll want to consider freshening up your blog with fresh content and improving the design.

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What are the Disadvantages?

Small qualms with giveaways would be that if you create an event that attracts people to your blog through a link as opposed to search engines, your reputation is likely to weaken in the long-run. In the event that you have Google Adsense ads running, there are high chances that your account will be suspended. So, the rule of the thumb here is to balance your sources of traffic. You want to improve your popularity through referral links while at the same time grow your search engine traffic. Only when this balance is achieved will you be assured of reaping maximum benefits from your giveaway event.

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Final Thoughts

Not all types of giveaways will go down well with the majority of your target your audience. It is therefore prudent to take some bit of time to explore your audience demographic and to understand their style and enthusiasm before rolling out such a project. Again, not every item goes for a giveaway. You want to stick to small and lightweight products that can easily be mailed to every corner of the world. Vouchers would be a good idea to try.

Once you have the right products to issue as giveaways, the next hassle is to publicize the gig. You may turn to Twitter marketing and use hash tags such as #giveaway and #win or go the Facebook Rafflecoper widget way. There are also a host of sites and forums that specialize in giveaways that you can use to bring more visitors to your blog.