How the Blackberry 10 Has Got Them Back in the Game?

Blackberry used to be one of the biggest names in the smartphone world, and its success seemed unstoppable. However, as soon as the first iPhone was released things started to get worse for the mobile giant, and it soon lost a huge amount of market share. Since then, it has attempted to get itself back into the game, and now it has released some new handsets on its new Blackberry 10 operating system.

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The question is, is it too little too late, or has it done enough to become one of the main smartphone brands once again?

Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10: A Fresh New Operating System

The Blackberry 10 operating system has received a lot of positive reviews since it was released in January 2013. This was Blackberry’s make-or-break moment, and so far it looks as if things have gone well.

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Why has the operating system been received so well? It has been praised for its new, fresh appearance, as well as the addition of some key features that were lacking from rivals like iOS and Android. It has a range of innovative features, and these have proved key to its warm reception.

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The Blackberry Hub is one of the main features that has been praised by critics. Wherever you are on the phone, no matter which app you are using, you can simply swipe your finger across the screen and get access to all of your emails and notifications in one place, making it very easy to stay in touch.

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The new keyboard is also an impressive feature, and makes it very easy to type on a touchscreen. Not only does it suggest words based on your own writing style, but it makes it quicker to type, which is often a challenge on smartphones.

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Crucially, it also allows users to split their Blackberry devices between work mode and play mode. Users can keep one account completely separate and private from the other, making it an ideal device for using at work.

What About the Hardware?

Of course, the software is only one part of the story for Blackberry. If it really wanted to become a serious player in the smartphone market again it had to make sure that its hardware was also up to scratch.

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It seems to have done well in this department. It has two flagship phones: the Z10, which is a touchscreen device, and the Q10, which is a touchscreen phone that also includes a physical keyboard. Both have received positive reviews, and Blackberry is likely to release many more devices over the coming months to cater for a range of budgets.

How the Blackberry 10 Has Got Them Back in the Game?

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People who have an older Blackberry device may well now be thinking about selling these in order to pick up one of the latest models. For example, you can sell Blackberry Torch 9810 devices online quite easily and still get a good price for them, and you can then put this extra money towards getting a new device running on Blackberry 10.

Blackberry: Back in Business

Many commentators believed that time really was up for Blackberry, but with the launch of the Blackberry 10 operating system and some impressive new handsets, it has shown that it can still innovate. The smartphone market is notoriously competitive, but for now at least Blackberry can safely say that the future is looking a lot brighter.