How to Arrange a Wedding Event? Simple Tips!

“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife”.

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A beautiful quote by Barbara de Angelis tells us a great deal about the feeling we have when one goes in the bond of marriage. One of the most important event of anyone of our lives, we plan this event years before, even before we have met our soul mate. We try taking mental notes of wedding events we attend and compile ideas for our own event. Planning about our dress theme, wedding theme, flower arrangement, decoration of walk way towards the stage, wedding cake or so on.

how to arrange wedding event

Here are few tips to plan and arrange a wedding event perfectly:

A wedding event needs some decision weeks before arranging:

–          Number of guests

–          Event either indoor or outdoor

–          Dress code if any

–          Wedding theme

–          Color scheme

–          Choice and color of flowers

Wedding Theme Decision

The first decision to take is a wedding theme. The wedding theme usually helps us decide about the dress code if any.For example if the wedding theme is a Roman theme, the event would be best if arranged outdoor (day or night). The dress code will have to be white with a crown made of leaves. Color scheme will have to be white with touch of green here and there. Red flowers in small quantity within the color scheme of white and green will show the importance of that place. This can be used on the sides of the path way. We can also use small white roman pillars and decorate them with flowers on the side of walk way leading to the stage.

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Guest’s Seating Arrangement

Next important thing is the seating arrangement of guests. For a Roman theme a colosseum effect will do the job. Sitting arrangement starting from one side of the walk way, going in circle shape around the stage and ending at the other side of walk way. The arrangement should be spacious for walking around as well.

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Interior Decoration of the Event

Keeping in mind our theme, the interior design has to be with a Roman touch, apart from the picture and images of the immediate family or the bride and groom, displayed on canvas prints. The use of sculptures can really bring the best for our theme. These white sculptures can be placed on the sides of the stage, start and end or maybe even in between of the walk way.  We can arrange them in the form of outer circle around the guest’s seating arrangement. We can also use Roman pillar after every sculpture decorated with green flowers.

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The final things to plan and arrange are design and type of wedding cake, menu and choice of drinks. We can also go for buffet with the arrangement outside the area of guest’s seating arrangement.

Ali Syed is an informative writer, who writes about home décor and decorating one’s house by converting photos to canvas.