How to Get the Best Out of WordPress?

Undeniably, WordPress has become one of the most well-known platforms not just for blogging but for other purposes as well. You can use WordPress to publish literature work, you can use WordPress to do business, you can use WordPress to attract followers and promote yourself. Basically, you can use WordPress to serve any purpose you can think of.

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how to get most of wordpress blog

However, the real question here is How to get the best out of WordPress?No matter what you want to achieve by using WordPress, you still need strategies. On top of those, the most essential thing is to get full grasp of WordPress and its features. By doing so, you will have a clear picture of what to do to achieve your goal with WordPress.

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Below, I will list out things I myself believe are what people should know clearly about when it comes to using WordPress, including:

  • Other uses of WordPress (besides blogging)
  • Must-use WordPress plugins
  • How to make full use of WordPress premade layouts
  • How to make full use of WordPress sites’ footer

Okay, enough blabbing, let’s head to what you’re here for!

1. Other Uses of WordPress (besides blogging)

When WordPress was first introduced, many people misunderstood its functions, thinking that it solely served blogging,

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a. A Content Management System

Similar to most web sites that use a content management system, WordPress enables its users to create static pages beyond the reverse-chronology setup of blogs. Regardless of which kind of page you want to create, pages are the best choice for endless content on your site. What is more, you can set any page to be your site’s main page, with the following steps:

which is completely wrong. Besides blogging, WordPress can be utilized to serve other great aims, as follows:

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  • Log in to you dashboard
  • Click “Settings” and “Reading”
  • Under “Front page displays,” opt for “A static page” and select the page of your choice.

b. A Portfolio

If you’re counting on WordPress as a place to display your work, WordPress can make a great portfolio. You can download portfolio WordPress themes on various online markets or websites, each of which has its own outstanding features.

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c. A Job Board

WordPress can be used to start a job board too, this is a great idea if you haven’t thought about it before.

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d. A Store Front

Of course you can do business with WordPress, great business. WordPress theme designers have provided WordPress users with plentiful themes for shops, stores, etc. You may check out these on online markets for more information!

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2. Must-Use WordPress Plugins

To increase your WordPress website’s efficiency, you may have to take a look at these plugins and decide which is the best for your website and then download it if you want:

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WordPress Backup Plugin

Need backing up your entire site including your database and all other files? Backup WordPress is here to help!

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WordPress SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization is a part that cannot be missing in any business WordPress website. Based on my experience working with my own WordPress website, I highly recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast. With this plugin, you can add and edit SEO titles, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, breadcrumbs and much more.

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WordPress Security Plugin

Of course you need to secure your blog, right? In this respect,BulletProof security plugin will grant your website security protection against: XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection.

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Installing Google Analytics

Then, to find out how your business’s progressing, you may have to install Google Analytics for WordPress.

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Link to Google Analytics

Contact Form Plugin

Don’t forget the Contact Form 7, which  can manage multiple contact forms, with which you can customize the form and the mail contents all you want.

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Link to Contact Form 7 

Spam Protection Plugin

Last but not least,to guard your WordPress blog against comment spam, you may turn to Akismet for help!

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Link to Akismet.

3. How to Make Full Use of WordPress Premade Layouts

You can save a whole lots of time with WordPress premade layouts. There are a great deal of premade layouts existing online, almost all of which are temporarily designed, which means you can customize them according to your will. Installing and editing a premade layout is not a frustrating process as you may imagine. Actually, it is rather time-saving if you do it right. After installation is completed, you will be asked to choose appearance, premade layout and then you can edit it.

For example, you may want to take a look at Option Alpha or Mike Filsaime. These two are shining examples of how useful premade layouts can be and how easy it is to generate new ideas using premade layouts.

4. How to Make Full Use of WordPress Sites’ Footer

Don’t underestimate the power of your website’s footer!

The footer is the last thing your visitors see after they have scrolled through your entire website. What does it mean? It means that it is the last thing your visitors pay attention to, which makes it become the thing that lingers on their mind after they leave your page. Your footer is worth so much more than just a place to display your copyright notice and login links. Making full use of your footer will advance your business to another level, trust me.

Usually, visitors believe that there’s nothing worth seeing in the footer, many don’t even scroll to the footer part. How to solve this? Well, you can surprise your visitors with something more creative or useful that can only be reached at the footer. This will make them develop the habit of visiting the footer more frequently.

Pay attention to these points below to make full use of your footer:

  • The must-have navigation links: Home, About, Contact, Blog, Store, Portfolio – these cannot be missed because they are the basics of a footer, but you can make them look more attractive and not too mainstream, by using short codes to create buttons.
  • Your best and recent content: This is also an essential part which may consist of 5 posts or so.
  • Social media links: Where else to promote your social media accounts rather than the footer section? Don’t forget to include links to your social media in a creative way!
  • Social proof from your portfolio: Showing your customers’ logos on your footer will draw potential customers to doing business with your company, especially if your customers are reputable.

If you’re clueless as how to add them, simply follow this guide:

  • use HTML in a text box and point the image source to your image. Itmay look like this:
<a href=><img src=”” alt=”Company Logo”   </a>

§  create the image, or banner, in Photoshop (or similar program) and put it in the footer of your theme using HTML.

  • Newsletter signup form: Many sites have their newsletter subscription popup, which I believe is not very effective as it is usually get ignored. So, why don’t you place it in the footer, where the visitors actually see it without getting annoyed.
  • Your product: You can also place images of your product there by following exactly the same steps with adding customers’ logos.

These are some suggestions you may want to dig in. But, remember not to be greedy. Your footer must be kept neat and clean. If you put everything there, it will turn out to be a mess, which is not good at all!

Finally, I have some other tips to make your footer shine:

  • Keep distractions at bay and use whitespace to make it look clean. Keep it 1-4 pieces of content, depending on your site’s design.
  • Make it user-friendly.
  • Avoid placing too much content because it can slow down your page loading time.
  • Don’t try to have links to everything.

You see, with just some techniques and attention, you can completely take full advantage of your WordPress website. So, why don’t you start right now to make WordPress site blossom into something that is really fruitful for you, your company or organization?

Chloe is a young girl who is passionate about WordPress and Open CMS. Currently working for Lunartheme – a company that designs and develops WordPress premium themes and related products, she loves to write about WordPress-related topics and also love to curate WordPress Resources. For futher information, please visit her facebook page at Chloe Stylinson.