How to Select Art Based on the Room?

Sometimes choosing the right form of art – paintings, sculptures or statues for your home is not easy at all. The key of finding the forms of art that suit you best is to answer a couple of questions:

  • what type of art do you like;
  • how can your choice fit in the interior of your home;
  • what are your long-term plans for the furniture of your home;
  • how would you like to arrange the works of art in your house or apartment

What type of art do you like?

There are many different places where you can get the works of art that you need. Visit some art galleries, exhibitions, home interior design store, etc. Before you buy something, you better go to a couple of places like that in order to make the right choice for you. You may also consult with a specialist, who can really help you choose the most suitable works of art for your home.

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Should the art match the room or the other way round?

Pictures always look beautiful when put on the wall. There is no need of buying some expensive pictures or originals of world-known artists. However, sometimes we buy a picture with great enthusiasm, then bring it home and find out that the picture does not actually match the room where we were supposed to put it in. What should we do then?

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First, try to put the picture in different parts of the room. If that doesn’t work, and you still want to see it hanged on the wall, you will need to make some slight changes. For example, try to move the pieces of furniture around the room in a different way or paint the walls in a colour that matches the picture. Of course, this should not be seen as some kind of a sacrifice for the sake of art, but just as another step towards the perfect interior design for your home.

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Putting a picture or another work of art in an inappropriate place may become a great disadvantage of your whole interior design and home decoration. Do not fill the rooms with too many works of art, because this will make it look like an exhibition hall or an art gallery.

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Also, remember that sometimes the right lightning of the place is the solution of the problem, so try adding some additional sources of light. Do not put a picture in direct sunlight because ultraviolet rays can seriously damage the paint. Therefore, use UV-protected glasses.

How can we select the appropriate art based on the room?

Colour and size – these are the two most important criteria. When a certain work of art is too big, it will visually take more space in the room, and the other way round – if it is too small, it will be “lost” in the room. Remember that the more colourful the picture is and the more bright colours are used on it, the more simple your interior should be.

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As a rule, paintings should be placed so that their centre is at the level of your eyes. It is also important to choose a painting, which colour scheme repeats the main colours you have used for your interior. If you choose a sculpture for your home, you can put it on the floor, on the table or on another suitable basis – the choice is all yours, but it depends whether the sculpture is a modern or a classical one.

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When you are choosing some works of art for you home, it is important to take into account the overall style of your furniture. If you have chosen a more classical look for your home, this should be repeated in the choice of works of art for your rooms. More contemporary interior style gives you the opportunity of putting some bolder-coloured pieces of art.

How can you make art feel comfortable in your home?

What makes you great impression when you walk around a gallery or a museum? This, of course, are the white walls and the specific lightning. Have in mind that wallpapers or other decorations on the walls usually restrict the choice of works of art. Furthermore, there is no furniture in the galleries, so follow the rule that less is more when it comes to art.

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Before you start buying some art for your home, you need to understand that the selection and the arrangement of works of art are art themselves. So, it is pretty important to experiment with some different styles and options in order to find out the way you like it.

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