How To Take Great Panoramic Photographs?

Years ago, to get a panoramic photo you had to spend hours in a dark room overlapping unexposed film on top of each other on a piece of custom cut photo paper and crossing your fingers it didn’t move a millimeter while developing. The least to say, that is true talent, and not many are capable of since there has been such a vast leap in technology through the last 30 years in the photography industry. If you ever get bored you can try it one day. Until then, software has made it easier to create panoramic pictures, even without a fancy camera lens. There are some ways to take great panoramic photographs with any camera. Whether you’re using an iphone and wanting to get more professional looking shots, or interested in creating 360 virtual tours, these helpful tips can sure improve the quality of your photos. There are some basic rules to follow.

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paranomic photography

  • If your camera has a panoramic mode, use it, even a computer can’t fix every mistake. It can save hours when putting virtual tours together. Who want’s to sit and chop and paste pictures when it’s not required? Even the most basic of point and shoot cameras these days have the built in option.
  • Make sure the lighting in the picture is thoroughly consistent. If you do piece them together later, you’ll want the lighting to match. Change the exposure setting to where they don’t automatically adjust in between pictures before you start shooting.
  • Be generous when overlapping pictures to create panoramas. At least 30% to have ample room. This will inspire you don’t have a white line down the picture later because you didn’t have enough room to match it up properly.
  • Keep your camera level when taking all your pictures. If not you’ll end up with one sloppy sideways mess you can’t piece together later.
  • Check your scene for any moving objects.
  • Take shots up and down also. Software capabilities are not just limited to creating horizontal panoramas, great vertical shots tend to get overlooked.

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If you’re truly interested in panoramic photography or virtual photography, a great investment is a 360 virtual photography lens. With one snap,  you have your 360 degree picture, and you’re done. You can use these to create 360 virtual tours with just a few clicks of a mouse to upload your pictures. All of the work is done for you and in great HD quality.