How to Use a Bluetooth as Walkie Talkie?

Some of the modern head sets have a built-in Bluetooth and thus, they can be used as walkie talkies. In this article we will try to explain you how to do so. This is really useful, especially if you play games or if you need to communicate with a person who is within the working range of your headset and you don’t want to scream and shout in order to be heard.

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How to Use a Bluetooth as Walkie Talkie?

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  1. Turn your headset on and start the discoverable mode
  2. Turn the second headset on and also start its discoverable mode
  3. Press the volume button once on every device and if everything is okay it will flash red. This means that the devices are now connected and you can start talking.

/ the test is performed on Callpod Dragon and works fine /