HTC decided that it is high time for them to become a direct rival to Samsung, and due to this fact their latest flagship device – HTC One is highly anticipated because it is said to be better than Samsung Galaxy S4.

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  • Great build quality, stunning design
  • New model ultrapixel camera
  • Amazing display


  • BlinkFeed limitation
  • All Android keyboards
  • Might overheat from heavy usage

HTC’s so far best device – One, has been built with only one purpose – to be the best. But being best doesn’t only mean to rule the smartphone market for a week or so. HTC’s intensions are way more superior – they want this device to stay at the top of the ranking for at least a couple of months.

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So HTC basically know that this task can be considered as nearly impossible because their device has to have as good appearance as Sony Xperia Z and be its performance should not be worse than Google’s Nexus 4.

HTC one

All those characteristics, combined with 1080p display and not that much of a weight along with great built quality that will beat even iPhone’s – this is the mission HTC had to accomplish with its latest device – One.

HTC One: Build and Size

When it comes to quality of materials, there is nothing much we can say! HTC’s handset is really amazing – it is no secret to anyone that it is iPhone’s direct competitor when it comes to quality materials and built design. The whole body is made of aluminum and is perfectly joined to the phone thanks to one of the greatest techniques leaving no gaps. And by saying no, we do mean no! Even though we haven’t spent that much time with this device, we sure have had enough to use Galaxy S4 and we can say that in terms of quality materials, HTC One is way better.

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Lots of people think that the aluminum makes the phone way too heavier. If we have to be honest, with its 143g it’s definitely not among the lightest smartphones but this can’t be considered as disadvantage. On the other hand, if it was too light it would have the feeling of being sturdy in the hand. As for dimensions – 138 x 68.2 x 9.4mm – it is a bit thinner than iPhone 5.

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On the front you will see 2 rectangular grills – this is the place where HTC crammed two stereo sound speakers. The lock/power button is located on the side where the volume buttons are – this is not a really good decision from a designing point of view.

HTC One: Features

Thanks to the latest version of Sense UI, you might not recognize the otherwise well-known Android 4.1.2 version. If you have had the chance to use HTC One X then you should have probably spotted there were some minor hints telling you the device is running on Google’s OS – well, in One this has been fixed and the experience is far more pleasant.

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We would like to pay special attention to BlinkFeed – one of the newest and most innovative features that can be customized with the help of your social network – adding different news feeds is just one of the countless opportunities that you will have. The idea is really great but the application is still in something like a beta-version, so it might have a couple of bugs.

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This will be changed in future version, but for now it just didn’t meet our expectations. Plus it really doesn’t stay really cool on the screen. Unfortunately it is one of the so called permanent widgets.

HTC One: Screen

One of the most important things when it comes to new devices is the screen and tits technology. Well, this time HTC did a really amazing job! The display is 4.7”1080p full HD with the really stunning 468ppi. Once you take a closer look at its display you will never forget how bright and alive the colors look. You might also want to play a video on YouTube just to see how great everything looks.
We do believe that HTC has nailed its rivals with its display!

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HTC One: Camera

Flagship handset with only 4MP camera?! This surely sounds like a joke. However, the initial surprise will be immediately changed once you realize the 4MP camera is actually using the latest Ultrapixel technology. Unlike Megapixel, in Ultrapixel the camera sensors are made as tiny photosites, and each one of them translates into 1 pixel. Basically, most of One’s rivals have more of these photosites, but the quality of the picture is actually the same because HTC’s photosites are much bigger.

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If you are not really familiar with this type of technology, you might think it is not really reliable. However, according to some of the best smartphone testers, the quality of the shot images is really stunning and some magazines even placed the phone right after the current leader – Nokia PureView 808. The low-light images are also fantastic.

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Another camera technology worthy of paying attention to is Zoe – thanks to it you will be able to shoot a short 20 second clip which is made out of single taken pictures. In that way you will both have a nice video that can be showed to your friends and at the same time you can find a single frame picture which you like and upload it in any social network.

HTC One: Performance

Let’s see what’s under the hood of HTC One. Starting with the processor, there is 1.7 GHz quad-core engine with 2GB RAM. Combined, those 2 components make the handset one of the fastest on the planet in terms of performance. Navigating through different menus and slide bars is absolutely seamless and no lag or what-so-ever will be spotted.

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However, there seems to be one problem – the device might overheat during playing heavy games or using large applications. This might turn out to be a serious problem, so it would be great if HTC pay serious attention to it.

HTC One: Battery

So far there hasn’t been any official announcement on the battery life of the handset. However, there are plenty of different opinions. Some people say that the battery drainage is really fast while other claim you can play heavy games and do some serious multi-tasking and the battery will still last long enough.

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Anyway, if you spend your day doing the usual things such as texting, tweeting, browsing and so on, you will not have any problems as the device will start complaining by the end of the day. On the other hand, if you start playing games as Real Racing and download different things, then it might not be a bad idea to have your charger with you.

HTC One: Verdict

There is no denying that the main battle is between HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC really wants to beat Samsung and because of this reason their latest device is truly amazing. If you want to buy the best Android phone on the market so far – then you should go for HTC One!