17+ HTML5 Photo Templates for $49

It is really important in what way you are displaying the images in your site. Otherwise, you risk increasing the response time and therefore – losing traffic. If you want to optimize everything, then take a look at this great HTML5 templates that will help you enhance the response time of your website. You can get this great HTML5 photo template bundle for $49. The templates in the package are:

New Art Of 3D Photography

Create Holiday Cards Using Stock Photography

10 Flickr Groups For Speedy Photography

HTML5 Photo Templates

20+ Examples of Professional Photography

40+ Inspirations for Still Life Photography

Top 10 Tips for Wedding Photography

  • Horizontal Grid Pro
  • HTML Banner/Gallery with Thumbs
  • HTML5 Coverflow
  • HTML5 Carousel
  • HTML5 Flow Responsive Slider
  • Royal 3D Carousel
  • HTML5 Banner/Gallery with buttons
  • HTML5 Photo Gallery – Resizable XML Grid
  • Easy 360 Product viewer
  • HTML5 Random Gallery Slideshow
  • HTML5 Zoomer Plugin
  • Responsive Slider Gallery
  • Responsive Gridfolio
  • Megazoom Image Viewer
  • HTML5 Dock Menu Gallery
  • Responsive Slideshow Photo Gallery Grid
  • Royal 3D Coverflow

If you want to get all those bundles separately you will have to pay $860 or even more. However, now you have the chance to save lots of money and pay only $49 which is approximately 95% off!

Here is how the deal will go. After you purchase the templates you will get an instant download link, but keep in mind that those are Best HTML5 photo templates, meaning they are not compatible with WP sites.