Top Ideas on Bathroom Vanity for Small Spaces

Bathroom vanity is a great addition to your bathroom, especially if there is no dressing area available. With bathroom spaces getting more compact, you have to consider getting vanities that ensure optimal storage but don’t really block your path or be a hindrance when you are moving around. There are different types of bathroom vanities which you can use to accentuate the look of your bathroom, and they are available in different sizes, shapes and designs.

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Here Are Some Simple Tips On Getting the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom:

Placing the Vanity

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  • It is the correct placement of the vanity that should be your main concern right now. With the right placement you will not only have easier access to your bathroom vanity but are also able to save ore on the space. Ideally these vanities are place under the sink or even above it, to utilize more space. The use of sliding doors, mirrors and folding racks can also be done to maximize the use of the bathroom vanities, and to make them look more stylish as part of your bathroom décor.
  • Similarly, you can also pick something that doubles as a bathroom mirror come vanity. So you can install your mirror on the same with sliding or push doors and thus make some extra room for you.
  • Beyond this, do take care of the cleaning aspect. A bathroom vanity placed right under the sink is probably the most difficult to clean. Also, there is also the risk that if your pipe leaks, everything stored there would get spoilt.


Consider Plumbing Options

Setting up a bathroom vanity is always a sensible idea. For instance, if you have to shift around the entire plumbing and renovate your bathroom for just vanity – it barely makes sense. In such cases, opt for a temporary vanity that is ready to be fitted. The drainage and the faucet systems must be considered at the best level to make maximum use of the bathroom vanities. It is also a point that if you consider plumbing options, then you need to talk to an efficient plumber who can install, check and maintain the bathroom vanities very well.

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Choose the Materials Very Wisely

A crucial aspect of any bathroom vanity has to be the choice of material. Being a humid area, you want materials that offer you with durability and sturdiness along with waterproofing. A lot of people prefer using veneers that are resistant to such humid conditions.

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Along with these pointers, here are some other tips that may prove useful:

  • Vanity materials are not restricted to just wood but also feature stone, glass and event some stone options including ceramic. They add style to your bathroom and are also very practical.
  • Pick materials that complement your overall bathroom theme or decor but are again resistant to water. You can pick from a choice of metal or even glass here. Base cabinets, in particular, work well with stone as the material is easier to maintain. These include soaps, shampoos, bathroom cleaning essentials, etc. If the list is long, then make sections and shelves to store different items as per their needs and uses.

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches like handles here.

If your faucets are steel-based, then having similar handles for the vanity add to the decor. Of course, there is always the option of creating some contrast like combining some elegant and classy handles with sleek modern faucets.

These are a few essential aspects you should know about bathroom vanity. Keep in touch get more information!

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