Ideas for Designing Outdoor Entertainment Area

Designing outdoor entertainment area not only expands your entertaining options and enhances your lifestyle, it could also improve the value of your home.

The number of outdoor entertainment options generally available to homeowners is remarkable, many of which won’t cost you the Earth, and in fact you should probably be quite wary of engaging in expensive or overly unique outdoor entertainment area additions because it could make it difficult for you to sell your home in the future. So you need to check out following easy to implement ideas for designing outdoor entertainment area to add value to your home in a meaningful way.


If you don’t yet have a patio you should be thinking about designing and building one before anything else because possessing a patio enables you to really enjoy your outdoor area and makes entertaining so much more feasible.

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There are so many ways to go about designing and building a simple patio and in fact many homeowners, among them ordinarily DIY disinclined homeowners, have found that designing and building their own patio isn’t only affordable and easy, but also immensely rewarding.

If you’re not up for designing and building one yourself, get a tradesman in to design and build one for you. This is an outdoor addition that proves advantageous on so many levels, including enhancing the value of the home.

Permanent Cooking Area

We all love to cook and eat outside – though that’s just one of many reasons why barbecues are so popular – and what better way to entertain than with a permanent outdoor kitchen?

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Whilst some people would caution against designing and building a permanent cooking area, if you have the space to add a permanent barbecue, or perhaps a wood fired pizza oven, and you can position it correctly so it’s usable in all weather conditions then great, go for it!


Awnings are affordable and versatile coverings that every homeowner should take into consideration when designing and building an outdoor entertainment area. Of the many wonderful things about installing retractable awnings in Sydney and other sunny parts of the world is that you can retract them when the sun’s departed and extend them when it makes an appearance again.

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Awnings also help to extend the life of your outdoor furniture by protecting it from the sun, plus entertaining during the heat of the day can prove uncomfortable for all without an awning or covering of some kind to keep the sun at bay.

Permanent Seating

Don’t limit yourself where seating is concerned, utilise the space you have to work with to include both permanent and moveable seating arrangements. Built-in seating, like wall seats, is an excellent way to maximise space because they fit flush against the walls.

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A sturdy brick garden bench or two would also make for an excellent permanent seating arrangement, perhaps in the corner of the garden so as to create the perfect place for a cup of tea in the morning.


Be careful if you have your heart set on decking because the addition of decks has been found by many homeowners to be more of a problem than they’re worth, or to be more precise, they cost to build.

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When done correctly decking can be a fantastic addition to a home, one that expands the amount of outdoor entertaining space one possesses and enhances the value of their property. However, when gone about the wrong way it can also prove to be an eyesore, thus making selling very difficult indeed.

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It’s hoped you’ve found this article informative and that it gives you something to think about when designing and building an outdoor entertainment area to derive even greater enjoyment from your time entertaining family and friends at home.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for Smart Canvas, one of the leading providers of blinds, shutters and awnings in Sydney. They not only deliver their products but they also install them to ensure they are the right fit.