How to Come Up With Ideas for Printing Shirts?

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry and the newest trends can never be predicted. In the current fashions, t-shirts are worn by just about everyone. From individuals looking for something casual to wear while running errands to fashion models looking for the height of fashion, t-shirts are in vogue. Businesses looking to cash in on this fashion trend just need to decide on the types of t-shirts they want to create and then spend the least amount possible to enjoy a high profit margin. There are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about the kinds of shirts you want to produce. This will help you to create a t-shirt that will be popular and profitable at the same time.

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ideas for printing shirts

Shirts Topping the Trend

The first thing to consider when looking into how to make t shirts is how the shirt itself will be worn. According to Glamour, fashion models like Kate Moss have been seeing wearing shirts like a blouse, while others use it to dress down an outfit. How you’re trying to sell the shirt will help to determine the way the shirt will appear. After all, if you’re looking for women to wear the t-shirt like a blouse, you don’t want any printing on the front of the shirt to go all the way down the front. Also, if the shirt is designed to be worn along with a jacket, you don’t want anything to be printed on the backside. The manner in which the shirt will be worn will also help to determine how the neckline will look and how long you want the sleeves to be.

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Shirts to Match the Season

The first thing most people think about when it comes to t-shirts is the summer time. According to GQ, there are 8 essential t-shirt styles for summer. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only season where t-shirts are being worn. Popular fashions include pulling a t-shirt over a hoodie or other long sleeved shirts. The biggest concern when producing a shirt for the particular season is the weight of the shirt. Lightweight-shirts are perfect for the summer, but they are not so great for the winter, even with a hoodie under the shirt.

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Another seasonal consideration is what color the shirt is. Warm colors are perfect for the summer, but may seem out of place in the winter time. When moving into the fall, you can create shirts utilizing oranges, reds and browns. If you are looking for how to make t-shirts for multiple seasons, combine the color of the shirt with seasonal colors in what is printed on the shirt. This allows the wearer to match the shirt with outfits for just about any season.

Vintage Shirts Are Highly Popular

Among the most popular of all the ideas for making shirts is to utilize styles with a vintage feel to them. You can use band names and album covers, but this can get you in trouble if you do not have the consent of the band to use their images. It’s about more than just what is printed on the shirt; it is about the look of the shirt itself. It does not look right to have something vintage printed on a shirt that looks brand new. Finding cloth with a light, worn out look to it adds to the authenticity of the vintage shirt. This way, even though the shirt is brand new, the wearer will appear to have had the shirt for decades. The trick here is to also make sure what is printed on the front of the shirt has a faded look to it. If in doubt, go to a vintage store to purchase a vintage shirt to see what a real faded logo looks like.

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Have a Brainstorming Session

Now that you know what kind of shirt you should make on a high level, it is time to dial in exactly what the finished product will look like. Start by thinking about logos and images for the front of the shirt. There are different styles of the t-shirt to dress down or wear out, but you may be looking for something a little more on the classic side. The best way to come up with something eye-catching that sells well is to have a brainstorming session. If you are alone in your venture, you may consider hiring someone freelance to brainstorm some ideas for you. Even if you don’t end up using any of the ideas the freelancer comes up with, it could lead to some ideas of your own. You may want to provide some high end categories for the freelancer to use when brainstorming ideas for your shirts. With this, you’re ready to start printing your shirts and making some money.