6 Ideas to Decorate Coffee Kitchen

Coffee themed kitchens are incredibly popular these days. However, homeowners should learn when to stop with the decorations, as too much coffee-inspired ideas can ruin your whole kitchen. Rather than add too many coffee-patterned towels, curtains, and dishes, why don’t you invest in actual accessories like espresso machines and mugs for instance?

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Coffee houses are favorite spots to relax and have a cup of perfectly made java at any hour of the day. How can you not love that rejuvenating ambiance and tantalizing smell? By including darker, richer wall colors, upholstered chairs, a round table, and coffee-inspired accessories, you can instantly transform the kitchen into a coffee-themed cooking spot. Enjoy the casual, coffee-inspired allure of your space, and invite family and friends for coffee every morning.

Let’s have a look at the best ideas to decorate coffee kitchen in a modern style.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are fantastic for a coffee-inspired kitchen. Paint the walls in a creamy color, suggestive of a light type of coffee, like cappuccino for example. Bring in some darker shades too – rich brown will beautifully compliment that light beige. Accent with airy, white curtains and you’re almost done. Rich, darker walls are the base for your kitchen-inspired design, and these beautiful shades will bring in a warming, cozy feeling your family will adore. Brown nuances will provide the ideal backdrop for your space, and it will serve as an appealing starting point for following design layers.

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Comfortable Furniture

Every coffee-inspired kitchen should feature comfortable furniture pieces. Soft chairs and a table are elementary; now you can always pick items after your own design esthetic. Whether you’re crazy after minimalistic accents or you like vintage-inspired furniture, just make sure the chairs and the table are cozy enough for family and friends. As for the color of the furniture, think of brown accents – walnut, mahogany are ideal because they mimic the actual color of the coffee, and they add warmth.

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Coffee Beans on Display

There are so many ways you can use coffee beans to decorate your kitchen and give it a coffee-inspired appeal. Start by displaying beans all over the kitchen. Place different types of beans in a bowl, and put it on the kitchen island for everyone to admire. Fill transparent jars with a couple of inches of coffee beans, and put a beautiful candle inside. It will instantly bring the whole space to life.

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Decorate the Counter with Coffee Mugs

Select a couple of your favorite coffee mugs, and place them on top of the counter. Use a mug holder to help you keep everything neat and organized. If you have many different cups, find a way to create balance, and try not to make a mess. Select 2-3 types and arrange them after your own personal taste.

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Coffee-Themed Prints

Coffee-themed prints are another excellent way of transforming the kitchen into a genuine coffee house. Stay away from curtains, wallpapers and borders with coffee designs, though. As much as you love coffee, you don’t want to turn the kitchen into a shop. Bring in discreet accents such as framed paintings with coffee mugs and pots, and other related designs. Organize the artwork in groups of three, and create a gallery-style space with accent lighting.

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Detailed Accessories

An interesting way of giving your kitchen a coffee-like vibe is to replace the hardware on your cabinets. Get rid of shiny pulls and knobs, and replace them with rusting knobs made of wood or wrought iron. Go for coffee bean shapes for an extra wow effect. Also, you could replace your steel faucet with a darker rubbed brass finish to make it seem outdated. Sometimes, the smallest accessories make a kitchen stand out; so, if you don’t have a big budget to redecorate, you can always try out some DIY tips and give your cooking space a coffee-like appeal.

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There are other amazing ideas homeowners can use to make their recently painted kitchens coffee-themed. If you can afford to purchase an espresso machine, do it. Adorn it will beautiful mugs and additional coffee-inspired accessories, and your whole space will feel like a coffee house. Keep things neat and simple though, and try not to go over the top. Add a coffee grinder near the espresso machine and a themed painting on top. Stay away from towels and curtains with coffee beans and other related designs.