How to Identify & Fix Security Issues in WordPress eCommerce?

With millions of users, it’s hard not to believe about the attempts cyber criminals make to circumvent the security of a website. In an online business scenario, everyone is concerned about security. And those who are using WordPress for running an e-commerce store find themselves more vulnerable to attacks. No doubt, WordPress boasts a truly unparalleled set of features, but the hacking geniuses out there always manage to come up with a plan in the form of a piece of code that compromises a site’s security and leaves it exposed to attacks.

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A study conducted by Checkmarx  revealed that 7 out of 10 popular e-commerce WordPress plugins are riddled with vulnerabilities. Since WordPress is free to use, it means less expense. It is also easy to use and when things are easy, we are less attentive, we do stupid things, thus giving hackers a way to expose and exploit our website.

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So, what would you do strengthen the security of your e-commerce site? How would you plan to make your WordPress eCommerce development a success? What security fixes you’ll undertake to steer clear the coming botnet? In this post, I will discuss all these issues and also provide you solutions, so that you can safeguard your website before it fallen into the wrong hands.

WordPress E-commerce Plugin Exposed to Attacks

There have been a plethora of WordPress e-commerce plugins that are developed to make the life business owners easier. Woocommerce is one of the popular plugins, which allows business owners to tailor their web presence to their specific needs. However, despite all the benefits that come along with this plugin, one cannot be assured of its security. The security audit performed by Woocommerce revealed some security breaches and fraudulent activities going on with their customer credit cards. Since then, the team has been working on this issue to determine the reasons associated with it. The team has now reset all the passwords, have installed Duo security for all admin accounts, and have moved their payment off site to PayPal.

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Know Your Fixes

The majority of WordPress e-commerce sites make use of third-party payment methods and merchants to handle all your financial data. So, you have to be double careful about ensuring a tight security layer so that you don’t lose your customers. Fortunately, there are number of methods which you can opt to minimize the risk of getting hacked.

1. Use SSL Layer

For those who are dealing with internet technologies for quite a while must be aware of the virtues of SSL layer. Secure Socket Layer ( SSL) is a protection layer that allows you encrypt your connections and prevents the exposure of sensitive information about you and your customers, while it’s being processed. This makes difficult for the hackers to break your website security. Pay Pal is one of the most reliable systems which you can use to ensure secure transactions. Alternatively, you can also install plugins like WordPress HTTPS (SSL)  to raise the security standards of your e-commerce store.

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2. Reshaping .Htaccess File

Modifying the .htaccess file is yet another way to boost the security level of your WordPress e-commerce site. Cyber criminals straightaway attack on a website’s database by performing techniques like SQL injection and thus push manipulative commands that cripple your website ability to run PHP scripts. Thankfully, you can fix it by adding some code snippets into your .htaccess file. These snippets will guide you to define rules which you want to add to your .htaccess file, thus protect your website against anomalies.

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3. Ditch The Admin

While setting up an e-commerce store one of the most important things which you should keep in your mind is simply avoid using the default admin username and password. Hackers are always in search for low-hanging fruits, which are mostly beginners, who don’t put serious efforts in changing the default login information. That is why it is crucial to use secure passwords which is a combination of at least eight upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. This prevents the attackers from “guessing” your password.

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4. Leveraging The Benefits of File System Security

Folder permissions are an integral part of WP site, not matter whether it’s an e-commerce or not. File system security is a powerful plugin that allows you keep a firm track on the relevant file permissions and diagnose them if deviations are found. It’s a great way of keeping hackers at bay who can perform malicious activities on the server to spoil your website data.

Wrapping Up

E-commerce security is a major concern therefore has to be dealt with proper care. In fact security lapses could be found on any part of the website, and not just e-commerce. So, it is crucial to have a tight grip over some remedies to avoid becoming your website one of the trampled.

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