Improve Your Website’s Performance and Convenience in Windows 8

Windows 8 is the newest operating system by Microsoft, but for now it can’t match the popularity of Windows XP and Windows 7. However, I think it’s just a matter of time for people to see the good things about this OS and switch to it. There are many interesting features implemented in this Windows version and I’m pretty confident that it can turn into one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Some of these features allow webmasters to enhance their website’s performance for visitors using Windows 8 and significantly enhance user experience.

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Optimizing your website for Windows 8 takes just a couple of hours, but I guarantee that all users with this new operating system will be thankful for the improvements you made. In this post, I’ll thoroughly explain how to optimize your website for Windows 8 and take advantage of some of the most interesting features that come with the latest version of Windows.

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Customizing the Start Screen Tiles

One of the coolest features of the Windows 8 Start Screen is the ability to pin websites and directories to the tiles. However, there are some things you need to do to optimize your website for the Start Screen live tiles. The first thing you need is to set up a favicon for your website. The favicon is the image which is usually shown in the favorites/bookmarks section of the web browser, but it plays an important role in the Windows 8 Start Screen. If a user adds your website as a live tile, then the operating system will pick the dominant color from your favicon and use it as a color for the live tile of your website.

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You can also create a custom tile for your website – just use the wizard prepared by Microsoft. It will generate two lines of code that you need to add to your website in order to create a custom live tile. Pinned site notifications are another think you might want to take advantage of it. These notifications will inform your visitors about the latest content you post.

Optimize Your Website for Flip-ahead Browsing

Internet Explorer 10 comes with an interesting new function called flip-ahead browsing. Basically, this feature allows users to browse your website as if they are browsing a book. They need to either click the Forward button or swipe their finger across the screen to open the next page. It is vitally important to use this feature if you are running a blog, because it allows your readers to review your content in an easier and more convenient way.

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The Internet Explorer application used for this feature does a pretty good job identifying your website’s content and implementing flip-ahead browsing, but I advise you to do it manually in order to get the best results. Try IE 10’s flip-ahead browsing feature on your website and see if it works as expected. If you are not satisfied with the results, check the Microsoft guide to flip-ahead browsing and how to manually optimize your pages for it.

Use Custom Sharing Details

Visitors who use the Internet Explorer 10 app can share your website with their contacts in People and Mail. The application’s default setting is to take your website’s meta title and meta description tags as details. It will also use a random image from your website. Thankfully, you can set a special title, description and image to be used for this purpose. Visit the Microsoft site to see the custom HTML tags that you can use for this purpose.

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Use Jump Lists

Jump Lists is a feature which was introduced in Windows 7. Basically, it allows users to right click certain websites and programs, and access the most recent content, locations and common tasks. However, in order to provide your readers with Jump Lists, you have to add a custom code to your website.

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Create Jump Lists for Your Site

In Windows 7, Microsoft added a convenient feature called Jump Lists. These allow you to right-click on programs and websites pinned to the Taskbar or Start Menu so users can access shortcuts to recent files, frequent locations and common tasks. By default, if your visitors pin your website to Windows 7 or 8, they won’t see any Jump List shortcuts or tasks unless you’ve added code to your site for this purpose.

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Creating a customized Jump List is strongly advised, because you can include different shortcuts to various page of your website. You can also add custom icons to each shortcut, so users will certainly enjoy this feature as it gives them quick access to the most important content on your website. In order to create a custom Jump List for your website, you need to visit the Microsoft Wizard.