Increase Website’s Conversions by Using Colors the Right Way

The psychological impact of colors is a theory which claims that you can manipulate people’s minds and emotions by the use of different colors. However, people should be seen as individuals and this theory is based on generalization. There is a rough framework on how you can govern your actions when building a website but it does not necessarily have to apply to everyone. Here are a couple of things you can certainly pay attention to.

Meanings of Colors

We probably want to start this article by showing general meanings of colors. We will have a look at the basic meanings, possibly the most related to the subject and you can have a look at the rest here. Red depicts energy, ambition, and action; orange is an outgoing and an optimistic color; yellow is also optimistic and cheerful; green is associated with growth and natural balance, blue is peaceful and trustworthy purple is imaginative, indigo intuitive as a night’s sky, turquoise is clear and communicative, black is mystery and elegance, white is pure, gold is prestige, silver represents female energy, brown is serious and down to earth, pink is lovely and nurturing; and finally grey, it is perceived as very neutral . Apart from the color itself, you should focus on different color schemes, contrasts, and complementary colors.


Branding is you giving your customers a visualization of what your product is. Soon enough they will intertwine. Once you create a logo and a color pattern to accompany it people will associate their opinion of the logo to the product and vice versa, if their general feeling is that your products are good maybe seeing your logo will put them in a good mood. This is why you should, first of all, make sure you offer a top quality product or a service and invest in creating a logo that is pleasant to look at. If it hurts your eye, it is certainly not going to go down well on other people.


The easiest is to choose a neutral, light or a pastel color for your background. Once you have that, everything you write and add to your page will stand out. However, this does not necessarily have to be like this. Quite a few people will opt for a dark background with white (or light) text color. As initially pointed out, there is no such thing as a true mistake, but you may want to be more careful with this as you may go astray and create something that is hurtful to the eye.


Your call-to-action buttons cannot go unseen, so you always have to make sure they are easily visible. No matter what your background is like, you always want to have these in bright colors. You will choose your bright color based on what the action this. For example, if you are offering a discount on a product while the stock lasts, you want your ‘buy now!’ button to be red; on the other hand, you want to choose orange for your ‘sign-up now’ or ‘subscribe now’ button. The color will give them a certain tone and, as in the first example, give a sense of emergency.

Seasonal Patterns

Flatter people’s seasonal emotions by giving them what they expect, make summer blue, green, white and yellow; spring green, white, pink and yellow; Christmas red, green and gold or blue and silver. You can always venture away from that but this will keep you on a safe side

Boys vs Girls

As with a lot of other theories, this one also differs based on gender. That’s why surveys have been conducted to discover which colors suit men and which suit women. If you are aiming at girls, stick with blue, green and purple and avoid orange brown and gray. If, on the other hand, you are aiming at men you should go for blue green and black and avoid brown orange and purple. When you look at it more carefully, they do not even vary that much but at least you know which colors are the safe ones to use and which require a bit more courage.

If you want to apply color theory to your website design you can follow the general rules. My final piece of advice would be to take your time to play around, keep your eye on the results, try different things and see what works out the best for your business.

Steven Clarke is a business consultant at GWM SEO Sydney. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.