3 Influencer Outreach Templates that will Work

Influencer outreach (or influencer marketing) is one of the most fruitful marketing techniques today. Yes, no doubt there. But how to convey and convince influencers when you’re nothing or not a big name in the industry?

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You may have initial hurdles, but when you roll in right influencers to influence your targeted customers, you might be the happiest person on the earth. Yes, you’ll have a reason for your happiness. Influencers have a super power to expose your brand to a larger audience.

Just a tweet, mention or sharing of your post by influencer can elevate your brand to the next level, even though when you are nothing. Many brands, in fact they were not brands before being influenced by influencers, took their business to the next level just with influencer marketing. Yes, influencer marketing has such power to take your business to the next level.

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Today not just B2C businesses are leveraging influencer marketing for product promotion and other purposes, even nearlyall sorts of B2B businesses, including IT companies like mobile app development companies and cloud service companies are using influencer marketing to build and enhance brand value. But artists or sports personalities don’t bring much value for enterprise companies, instead if they choose serial entrepreneurs, business mentors, or keynote business speakers, they can yield the best results.

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But everything starts with an influencer outreach mail. I recommend that should be clear and compelling. So your influencer marketing journey will start with a positive step. Here I am providing you 3 kind of influencer marketing templates that you can use according to your purpose. The purpose can be guest blog creation, invitation for product reviewing, etc.

Initial Outreach Template

First impression is the best impression. Nobody can deny this fact. In case if your first mail fails to impress them, don’t worry, you have follow up mail which I will explain in the 3rd point. Now let me tell about creating a perfect first mail.

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Hi [name],

My name is [your name] from [company]. I’ve been following your webinars since 2012.

Your recent webinar [topic]greatly influenced me. So I shared my opinions about it with my followers and suggested to follow your next webinar.

I would like to invite you to play an influencer role for our business for mutual benefits. If you feel it is something interest to you, please get back to me, so I can set up a phone call to discuss further.

Waiting for your response.


[your name]

Guest Blog Template

Guest blog can be from both sides. Either you can write guest blog for their blog or invite them to write for your blog. It all depends on your interest. Here I am putting a template that invites them to write for your blog.

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Hi [name],

My name is [your name] from [company]. I’ve been following your blog articles on different sites since 2010. The recent one [topic (for example, mobile app development trends)] made my day. I share your every article with my networks when I enjoy it.

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I am excited to invite you to play the role of a guest blogger for our site which has [number] monthly active readers. I would like to post a thoughtfularticle on how to evaluatetop mobile apps development company. I hope this topic will be comfortable to you. We can have many tangible mutual benefits from your contribution.

If it seems something interest to you, let me set up a call, so we can discuss further about benefits and other details.

Waiting for your reply.


[your name]

Follow Up Template

You can’t be sure that influencers will definitely check your mail. Amidst of hundreds of mails or in their busy schedule, influencer may have skipped your mail. So don’t forget to send a follow-up mail after 2-3 days of sending the first mail. Below is a follow-up mail template.

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Hi [name],

I am [your name] from [your company]. I had contacted you via mail last week regarding [tell about the matter briefly]. I reached out thinking that you’d be an ideal person to influence our audience.

I would like to share some other benefits you will get.

[re-listsome more benefits].

I would love to have you to work on this.

Looking forward to your reply.


[your name]

Wrapping Up

Influencer marketing can work for any kind of businesses, but the influencer you will choose should be ideal. When approaching any influencer, make sure how relevant they are to your purpose. So you will be able to reap the finest fruit of influencing marketing.

Girish Shetty is a professional writer and SEO analyst in mobile app development company India. He specializes in new technologies,business branding and marketing. He creates well-researched and unique content designed to keep readers engaged. He also recently bagged the best content writer award twice in the current organization.