Innovative Ideas for a Customized Workspace

Custom-made workspaces can be chic and modern, but also practical. There are so many ideas and concepts from where you can get inspired from to create an incredible business environment at home or at the office. Let’s gaze at 5 innovative ideas for a customized workspace, everyone should consider.

Modular Desks

Modular desks are practical, stylish and useful in any type of room, whether we’re talking about spacious business offices or small home spaces. They’re easy to relocate from one place to another, affordable, and varied in terms of models, material types, and color.

Unusual Materials

Traditional workspaces made of hardwood are outdated, boring and dull to say the least. It’s time for a complete makeover. Desks made of glass, chairs made of steel and ingenious storage spaces meant to hide all your paperwork are all in trend right now.

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Minimalistic Decorations

For an office space to look and feel welcoming, you have to think outside the box and invest in smart decorative items. A minimalistic coffee table made of glass, some beautiful seasonal flower pots, or at least one huge geometric painting positioned above the desk will give your workspace a modern vibe you’ll adore.

A Different Type of Ergonomic Chair

Comfort should prevail at work, yet that doesn’t mean you should buy the ugliest, most unappealing ergonomic chair. Switch things up a bit and opt for a different color for example; pick an unusual model with an interesting shape and match it with the rest of your contemporary office design.

Modern Storage Spaces

There are so many ways you can use to store paperwork and keep your office properly organized. Executive cupboards, system storage spaces, and vertical shelves are just a few ideas you should consider. Place these items close to your desk so that you can reach them with ease when needed.

Now let’s admire a beautiful gallery with some of the most modern, practical and convenient furniture ideas for the workspace.

1. Beamtec Office System

2. E. Story

3. Ambus

4. The Corbusier

5. Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Chair

6. H09 Excellence 9320

7. Interior Fittings for Cupboards

8. Versafile

9. Metallic Pedestals with Melamine Drawer Fronts

10. Zeus Reception Table

11. Coffee Table

12. Spaceoasis

13. Fulcrum Professional Reception Counter

14. Elite Reception Desks

15. Fulcrum 38

16. Conference Table

17. T.UP 1

18. Convoy

19. Fulcrum 38 Meeting Table

20. T.Meeting1 [2]

21. T.Meeting2

22. Hardwood Meeting Table with Chairs

23. Series 50

24. Series 30

25. Hat and Coat Stand Ciao