Be Inspired with Cool Garage Conversions

It’s not surprising that the typical garage isn’t used for parking the owner’s cars. Normally, it becomes home to so much clutter and unused junk that you can’t fit a vehicle in there let alone use it for anything useful. If this sounds eerily familiar, why not convert this wasted space into something more interesting? Garage conversions are quite popular around the world with some of the more unusual and interesting ideas for garage conversions listed below for your inspiration.Tips to Choose Curtains for Your Home

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1. Home Office

Those working from home can convert their garage into a convenient home office. A great tip will be to replace the roller shutters with a glass sliding door. In this way, you can create a productive work setting that is flooded with natural light. Since this room is separate from the house, you can also shut out your work life over the weekend, keeping your business gear locked away in the garage until Monday.

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2. Granny Flat

If you’ve got an elderly family member or a teenage son or daughter, you can change your garage into someplace more liveable. This means you can give your loved ones some private space separate from the rest of the house yet close enough that you can be there if need be. Just make sure you consider insulation, utilities and ventilation so your family members can remain comfortable while there.

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3. Recreation Room

Sometimes, it’s nice to have an entertainment area that’s separate from your home. The garage can be the perfect spot as it should be spacious enough to fit in all of the following:

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  • A bar with bar stools
  • Sofas and comfy chairs
  • A stone fireplace
  • A pool or football table

Whatever your entertainment preferences are, the right renovations will transform this unused space into an area which you can certainly be proud of.

4. Home Theatre

The second suggestion for household fun is to install a miniature cinema in this extra room. Home theatres are a popular choice of garage conversions in Bristol as they can be used at any time of year with the family or additional guests. Simply add a widescreen TV or projector screen to one wall and a comfortable number of theatre seats on the opposite side of the room and you have yourself a home theatre that you’ll spend countless hours in.

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5. Gaming Room

Our last entertainment option is to convert the garage into a fully-fledged gaming room. This is similar to the home theatre in that you’ll likely have a widescreen television, monitor or projector screen on the wall so you can play. There should also be space for your computers, consoles, games and peripherals so you have everything close at hand in the same place. This will make your next gaming session even more convenient whether you’re playing alone or with some friends.

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6. Gymnasium

Due to the high ceilings in almost any garage, transforming it into a gymnasium is a smart idea. You’ll have space for weights, exercise bikes and even a chin-up bar if you arrange everything in the right manner. For added safety and comfort, you may have to install some non-slip rubber flooring in your converted garage instead. This added step will be well worth it though as you obtain an area in which you can work out for free!

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These six ideas should give you some inspiration for turning your tired old garage into a much more useful space. If you’d like further inspiration, there are plenty more information sources about household garage makeovers to be found online. No matter what your interests are, we’re sure you can find a renovation plan that fits with your needs.

Madeline Varley is a freelance writer for C B Construction, a company that offers services in loft and garage conversions in Bristol. They also cover a variety of home improvement tasks, including replacing or repairing fittings.