Build a Smart Home with Home Security Systems Integration

Installing a home security system can serve as an effective deterrent to criminals but often comes at a price – it can detract from the aesthetic appeal of the property.

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When homeowners spend so much time, money and effort beautifying their homes it stands to reason that they should, to the best of their ability, integrate security systems into the interior design of their property because design and technology, including security systems, should go hand in hand and complement each other.

This is naturally easier to achieve when remodelling, or even better when designing the home, though it’s still possible to create a comfortable atmosphere without calling undue attention to the property’s security system components without remodelling.

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In order to build a smart home, homeowners should also take note of external security components like exterior lighting that can be used to draw attention to outdoor features like landscaping effects and sculptures whilst serving as a deterrent to criminals.

Plan the Placement of Security Components

If you’re building a home from scratch or remodelling you’re empowered to plan the placement of security components and it’s naturally highly advantageous to do this early in the interior design process.

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This would entail studying security system components, taking note of their aesthetic characteristics and them comparing them with your interior design plans.

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Colours are important but bear in mind that you can easily paint security system components so they match interior colour schemes, so what you should focus more upon are the shape and size of the components.

For instance, if there are smooth curves in your corridors square security cameras would look out of place, so consider curved camera boxes over square ones and vice versa for areas characterised by strong rectangular or square panels.

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Security cameras are, however, very easy to integrate into homes during the early interior design stages because ‘hidden spy cameras’ are remarkably affordable, with many looking like light bulbs and therefore not attracting any attention at all.

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Integrating Glass Sensors

Glass-break sensors – these are sensors attached to windows and glass sliding doors – can be an eyesore if they’re not properly integrated into the interior design of a property, though there are a few ways to make them less noticeable.

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For instance, you could place them in less noticeable places on glass sliding doors and windows or opt for darker blinds or curtains, as this would make them less noticeable whilst still providing your family with peace of mind.

Placing the Control Panel

Control panels are perhaps the most visually noticeable aspect of a home security system and often prove difficult to integrate into the interior design of a property because they need to be placed in close proximity to the front door to enable residents to turn them on and off when entering and leaving the property.

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Placing the control panel next to the door naturally draws attention to it, so consider placing it a little further away or perhaps adding something to the area, like a bookcase or bookshelf so that it isn’t so obvious.

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This could also help to mask the wiring that’s required, though fitting them flush with the walls with the wires running along the corners of the room and painting them complementary colours would also help to render them less noticeable.

Working with Electronic Systems Contractors (ESC)

Working with an ESC is your best chance at successfully integrating your home security system with the interior design of your home, though naturally it’s best to do so whilst your interior design plans are still in their infancy stages.

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ESCs specialise in integrating electronic systems into interior and exterior design – not only security systems but all electronic systems including lighting and thermostat controls, automatic window shades, sound systems, etc. – and by working with a local electronic systems contractor it’s much easier to integrate Selec Security products like CCTV systemsinto the interior design of your home without the components looking out of place and detracting from the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Integrating your security system with the interior design of your property reduces visual noise, balances aesthetic appeal with peace of mind and makes your home a much more appealing, comfortable and secure place for you and your family to reside.

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