Integrating Salesforce and WordPress: Why Your Site Needs It?

For a WordPress user, nothing can prove better than harnessing the power of the world’s leading CMS and merging it with Salesforce, the most popular CRM. It’s like having a win-win deal with nothing to lose at the end of the day. It is the ideal thing for an organisation seeking to transfer quick data from WordPress to Salesforce. With a number of tools used in storing and organizing sales data, A WordPress user has so much to gain including the following ones:

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Stepping Up Your Marketing Game

Integrating Salesforce and WordPress gives one an opportunity of converting form submissions to more lead generation. Sending your WordPress data to Salesforce makes it possible for one to track the performance of associated forms. Through analysis, you will be able to point out the forms that aren’t giving substantial returns; a step that will be vital in restricting your marketing strategies.

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Ease User Management

There is no better way of maintaining a comprehensive user database than synchronizing WordPress and Salesforce. The comprehensive data can then be shared with various departments within your company for easier management of users. It works even better for businesses running membership sites where the available data is only visible to registered members. By simply tagging leads as customers, there will be automatic update of customers’ activities; reducing the task of manual updates by the sales team.

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Avenue for Further Customization

With the ideal developer in your team, you can reap greater benefits from Salesforce changesets. For instance, it is possible to design specific Salesforce objects suited for your site. Take for instance, a real estate business with the need to keep track of rental properties including their data. Integrating Salesforce with WordPress makes it possible for your tenants to pay their bills via WordPress website even as you keep records of their rent due dates, amounts due and rent payments within the Salesforce database.

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Advanced Tracking of User Activities

Identifying and analyzing customer behavior is key in stepping up your game and providing better-suited services for them. Bringing together Salesforce and WordPress makes it possible to track logged in user activities and have the history page pushed up as Salesforce object. With this, you will be able to identify the most visited pages within your site. You need such kind of information to figure out how best to maintain that even as you work on optimizing other site pages for the same. Most importantly, you will be able to gather necessary intelligence on visitors; prior to becoming a lead.

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Totally Worth It

Integrating Salesforce and WordPress comes with multiple benefits. The idea of merging the world’s leading CRM and CMS gives you a better prospective of stepping up your game. All you need to do is ensure that all the necessary customizations and integrations are in line with your business objectives and goals because no one wants to spin the wheels of a revolutionary technology that doesn’t increase their ROI.

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