Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2014

This year saw a whole host of design trends breaking through the mould, with everything from brass furnishings to floral decorations finding their way into our homes. With 2014 on the horizon, a new wave of interior design is being ushered in and, although some of this year’s trends are still holding strong, a new pattern in colour, furniture and art is emerging.

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Here we guide you through some of the interior design trends that 2014 will bring about, allowing you to prepare your home for a new level of style and add substance in time for the New Year.

Geometric Patterns

Having grown big in the spring/summer of 2013, geometrical patterns are set to dominate the carpets, walls and sofas of homes across the world next year. The style will become more muted in the following 12 months though, with simple stripes or monochromatic angles taking precedence over more colourful alternatives.

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Geometrics are not only about striped wallpaper though, as showrooms and designers start to experiment with more complex patterns, moving into all areas of the home. Top Australian designer, Greg Natale said: “We are seeing more angled shapes like triangles and trapezoids, as well as diagonals and zigzags. They’re not just on walls but ceilings too.”

Minimalistic Spaces

Kick the clutter in 2014 and make your home a work of minimalistic art. Less is definitely more with modern décor and clever storage solutions bringing a breath of fresh air into your living space. You don’t have to spend a lot on the items you have either, as affordable tables and cheap sofas from can easily be made to work to this design style.

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If you really want to stay ahead of the curve, then coupling a clean, white room with a sharp geometric pattern, either on the furniture, wall art or rug, will ensure that you encompass 2014’s hottest trends into one room.

Bold and Kitsch Materials

This playful trend is heavily inspired by eastern European culture and Bohemian influences. Your home can easily be given a sense of urban escapism with the clever use of bright patterns that are manufactured into soft materials, such as wool, felt and linen.

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You don’t have to concern yourself with a smooth transition of colour either, as a harmonious clash of nostalgically vibrant fabrics is the ultimate aim.  This style has no boundaries and lets the homeowner’s creativity run wild. It’s all about introducing a little quirkiness and fun.

English Country Style

For those preferring a more elegant interior,English Country is the style to opt for in 2014. In order to achieve a flawless look, adorn the room with light and pastille shades, with a sage green, cornflower blue, muted yellow or off-white accent. The colour palette’s simplicity creates an understated beauty and sense of calmness in your home.

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Decorate with a balance between plush fabrics and smooth wooden furniture. Feel free to inject your personality with playful finishing touches, but try to keep the aesthetics of the room simple to achieve that picturesque English country feel.

Vintage and Retro Art

According to designer Sara Story, “everyone will be focusing on art – it’s so much more approachable these days, with art fairs popping up everywhere.” She’s not wrong as there will be a major focus on art in next year’s interior design industry, with vintage markets across the UK providing shoppers with their perfect paintings, prints and canvases.

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Hanging up a vintage image or eye-popping retro work is a very easy way to bring a statement into any room.  For best results, try to choose an artwork that matches or accents the colours of your space.