10 Amazing Interior Design Ideas for Garden Sheds, Outhouses & Cabins

Nowadays, garden sheds, outhouses and cabins are so much more than their name suggests. They’re no longer garden-based storage units that look drab, boring and add nothing to the space, they can be transformed into beautiful, functioning spaces that work as a great addition to your home. So, if you’ve got any kind of outbuilding in your garden that’s in major need of a revamp, take a look at these amazing transformations.

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Men have the fun-filled man cave; well this is the “She Shed”. This outdoor space has been completely transformed into a comfortable, tranquil little book nook. A great place to escape the havoc of the home, this is the perfect place to get deep into your favourite book or have a gossip with friends.

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Working from home is becoming more popular by the day and a fully transformed shed is the perfect place to set up a work-dedicated space with views of the great outdoors, far away from the distractions of the home.

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The one above is pretty girly, but the design possibilities are endless, just take a look at this Scandi-inspired office below.

Glamping is definitely one of the most popular staycations now, with thousands of people flocking to yurts and transformed cabins for a holiday or mini break each year. With a cabin overhaul like this, you could save yourself £100s each year with a stunning camping spot in your own back yard. It could even offer a little extra income should you wish to rent it out – when you’re not using it yourself, of course.

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Fed up of toys strewn around your home? Can’t cope with the pain of standing on anymore stray Lego pieces? Then this beautiful outdoor space could be the answer to your problems. We’re by no means suggesting that kids should be banished outside. However, kids love adventure and with their own hidden space to play their imaginations will flourish – and your feet will be saved from the everlasting pain of sharp Lego!

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As we’ve already touched on, having a workspace outside is great for concentration and also inspiration. Well, the same applies to beautiful craft spaces like this – or spaces for any hobby really. This fully functioning, colourful and comfortable space is perfect for sitting down to knit, sew, do a jigsaw, add a bit more to your model railway, literally anything. With a water and electricity supply you don’t need to worry about heading inside for a well-earned cuppa either.

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Outdoor spaces don’t just supply kids with the perfect escape, a shed, cabin or outbuilding can easily be transformed into a beautiful home from home that’ll allow you to absorb the great outdoors all year round, whatever the weather.

We’ve definitely saved the best until last with this one. From the outside, this bog-standard garden shed isn’t really much to behold – other than the nice little terrace area – but just wait until you step inside…

It’s a cinema! The guy that owns this shed has pulled off the utterly genius move of creating a bespoke 7-seat cinema in his very own back yard. That’s not all though, take a look below.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is a jam-packed snack stand. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Hopefully these totally awesome but totally different outdoor interiors will have given you some inspiration for your shed or cabin project, make sure you send us the before and after photos, we can’t wait to see.

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