iOS 8 Beta 5 Released for Developers; Download Here!

The iOS 8 beta 5 has been released for developers. Apple has been working very hard to make it a worthy update to the previous iOS 7. There will not be major facelifts like the iOS 6 to iOS 7 update; but the amount of feature and performance upgrades will not be any lesser, either. Apple has already released 4 beta versions of the iOS 8 earlier and now the 5th one is released as well. Developers now get more opportunities to bring ground breaking changes to their new or existing apps and make iOS 8 using experience even better.

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Download iOS 8 Beta 5

Not only for developers though, iOS 8 beta5 version isalso a great opportunity for tech geeks to get their hands on the newest iOS 8 earlier. What are the changes been implemented to iOS 8 so far?

iOS 8 is More Fitness Conscious Now

One major change implemented in iOS 8 is the Health App. Making the best utilization of processors and sensors already used and to be used in the existing and upcoming iPhones, iOS will collect data on a person’s breathing. Inhale and exhale of an individual will be assessed measuring the air speed and a spirometry report will be prepared. People will asthma or other respiratory problems will be greatly benefited by this latest implementation. Apart from this, previous features to collect fitness data, heart beat etc. will remain same. However, the medical data of the user will remain safe under Apple’s state of art encryption technology.

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ios 8 beta 5

Even though Apple’s prone rival Samsung is the torchbearer in implementing health and fitness features in smartphones; Apple seems to be putting more effective efforts on developing newer health and fitness features. The HealthKit adds more functionality to the iPhones with this new iOS 8 beta 5 update; and health & fitness devices like pedometer manufacturers should start worrying about losing a huge market share. If a smartphone provides the features a dedicated health device normally does, why would people want to spend money on these devices anymore?

Visually Better

iOS 7 was a groundbreaking change. All previous iOS versions used to look almost same and iOS 7 acted as the new trendsetter. Apple would still be following the own trend that they have set; yet there will be minor improvements. Looking at the new iOS 8 beta 5 update, we have noticed that few icons have been changed and they look better now. For example we refer the Keychain, iCloud Drive, iCloud Family Sharing, iCloud and Backup etc. icons.

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Even Better Photography

Depending on the iPhone generation, the captured photo quality might vary. But the way iOS used to manage photos have gotten better. Every device connected to an iCloud account will sync the photos captured in any of these devices. The latest photos will automatically be uploaded and synced to iCloud; saved in the original highest resolution. Shutterbugs will be excited to discover this new improvement.

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SMS Relay

This feature would require a Mac computer running the latest Mac OS X Yosemite version and a device running the iOS 8 beta 5. This should be a useful feature for the heavy texters.

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Apple never stops surprising their fans; we shall keep you updated as we receive more information.

Download iOS 8 Beta 5