iOS 9 Expected Features and Release Date

The rumor world is full with rumors about iOS 9. Millions of fans of Apple are eagerly waiting for this upcoming mobile OS. Whether this version is worth waiting for or not is what can be judged from the specs list of it only. Unfortunately, for now, nothing official is known so far. But, on the basis of our experience with previous versions of iOS, we surely know what we want to see in iOS 9. Our wish list along with rumor mill give us list of expected features of iOS 9. The next section covers them.

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Battery- Saving Mode

Just go through forums containing many iOS users and do make a list of their problems. You will notice that low battery performance tops the list. So, before all, our first wish, and what we expect, is to see battery-saving mode in iOS 9. The battery saving would help users make maximum use of their iDevice’s battery.

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High-End Location Tracker

Apple devices are always costly, so it’s quite normal that we all are afraid of losing them or getting them stolen. High-end location tracker is what we wish to see in iOS 9. If we take rumors anything to go with, then this is actually going to happen. Whenever someone will enter wrong pattern on our iDevice running iOS 9, his/her location will be sent to registered email ID in no time. If this feature actually comes, it will be nothing less than a boon for all users, right?

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Local Siri

You might already know that whatever command you give to Siri is sent to HQ for decoding by Apple’s back-end servers. So, you need to have Internet connection to use this amazing feature. We wish to see Localized version of Siri in the iOS 9. Basic tasks, like playing with alarm, setting reminders etc. should not need Siri to be connected to Internet.

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Better Parental Controls

As per rumors, Apple is working to bring better parental controls in iOS 9. If this is actually true, then iOS 9 is surely going to be loved by every parents. The current version of iOS has good parental control features, but they seriously need improvement.

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Feature to Hide Apps that you Can’t Uninstall

Apple does not want users to uninstall stock apps, even if they want so. It’s alright! But there must be ability to hide those apps at least. Come on, we own the device, not Apple. We should be liberal enough to see the apps that we wish to use.

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Feature to Set Third Party Apps as Default

There are many stock apps which are not good. There are better third-party alternatives available to them, but Apple just doesn’t let users set them as default. Such power should be given to users in iOS 9. We wish to see it happening.

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iOS9 Release Date

Apple follows a particular trend when releasing new iOS version. As per that trend, we will see Apple announcing iOS 9 in June of 2015. The release will happen in September of the same year.