Jazz Your Home with Trendy Paints before Sale

Dipping into your own pocket is not always negative if you do it at the right time and on the right thing. For instance, at the time when you are listing your house for sale, then you can spend some money on home painting. Do not think that this money will go in vain. In fact, you will be amazed to know that your home selling price shoots up after the painting. To heavy your pocket after house sale, you must opt for specific colors that will enhance the price of your property. It has been found recently that there are some colors like taupe, white, eggshell etc. which if adorned could fetch you more sell value.

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Colors do magic, especially in attracting buyers

It has been a trial and tested method that darker colored houses do not attract much of buyers. You need to be conscious while applying paint in the kitchen and the washrooms because these are the most looked after places by buyers. If your drawing room or bedroom space is less, then there are some specific colors that could make them look bigger. Hereby some important tips have been discussed which, if considered before selling of the house could green your pocket.

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Blue is the most appealing color for kitchens

Last year was more about the yellow colored kitchen, but this year grayish blue shade of kitchen appears to be more tempting. Central living areas if applied with pale taupe or light gray neutrals could really grab buyer’s attention. Try cerulean to cadet blue i.e. soft blue on your bedroom and this will give a cool look to it. Last but not the least you may try blue or purple hues in your bathroom and undoubtedly the buyer’s mind will be made up in purchasing your house. Even white washroom will always pay you in attracting the buyer’s eye.

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White color has become one of the most popular colors to paint a home. White color imparts a soothing effect. In fact, it offsets well if you plan to paint one wall in a contrasting bright color. White makes the home appear bright as it reflects light. It also has an aura of peace. It makes your room appear larger.

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Off-white or cream color also has a similar impact. It brings serenity to the home. Off-white color also contrasts well with bright colors if you need to use wallpaper or another color on one wall. Off-white color also serves as a good background for artwork mounted on walls. It has a cooling effect in summers.

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2017 has seen an emerging trend for people opting for yellow. People are looking for the sunny look for their homes. There is a demand for various shades of yellow. It can be from pale butter yellow to bright mustard yellow. Yellow has become a popular choice not only for painting walls but also for furniture. 

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Olive Green

It is a more traditional choice. Some people may not opt for it fearing it to impart a dingy look. But olive green has a class of its own. It has a sophisticated aura. It offsets well with all colors of furniture giving your home a neat and classy appearance.

Choosing the color is the first step after this you even need to take care of paint types and paint sprayers. In order to get the painting done smoothly with an effect of sophistication, you need to provide your painters with emulsion paints. The colors on the walls would appear adorable if high-quality emulsion paints are applied. Apart from choosing the color you also need to buy paint rollers for walls, coated- canvas drop cloth to keep your floors tidy and painter’s tape to protect the ceilings. All these won’t take much of your time. You can get it done by a painter in a week’s time only.

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