Key Features for Designing Perfect Website Layout Finally Revealed!

With the gradual boom in the online businesses, the business organizations are now paying due attention to their websites. They now have a clear idea that a website that is served as a source of information for the users should have a great presentation that could be the best way to connect with their needs. As a result, having a perfect design layout is necessary which could greatly help the users to project the ideas, products as well as services to the target audience, ultimately evoking them to act favourably towards their website.

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As a result, you need to consider some of the key features for designing a perfect website design layout. Generally, for any of the successful websites, it requires more than just a visually appealing design. Most of the web design companies consider the “Eye Movement Tracking” factor as the most important factor, which states that users usually maintain an “F/E” shaped website viewing pattern. This Eye movement tracking refers to the path followed by a human eye while looking at a web page.

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It has been found that a typical visitor generally follows F-pattern across the website as they scan horizontally less and less as their eyes move downward. Also, some of the visitors read the third part of the content and creates an E-pattern instead of F-pattern. It is true that “Big Images and Positive Space attracts Readers’ Eyes First” as 80% of the users spend their maximum time at the information above the fold or those portions that don’t require any kind of scrolling. Also, almost 69% of the users look at the left half of the web page.

General Tracking of the Website Visitors

When any of the visitors first visits any of the landing pages, first their eyes usually jump through the leading image on the web page and then after they go downwards to the actual content. They usually visit a web page, especially when it is not a landing page, in a way that they first go across the left side and the main body of the web page and ignore the right side of a web page. Sometimes, scanning the text becomes extremely common in the higher literacy users. The lower-literacy users usually plow text and so this is how visitors go through the contents of the website.

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The eye movement greatly influences the web design and so it is important to place the main components of the web page at the appropriate place. You need to give special considerations for the placement of logos, button sizes, placement as well as spaces between the contents. Also, there are many other important aspects that are necessary to be considered before planning to design a website layout. So, let us have a look at some of those aspects:

* The logo of your company must be placed at the top left of the site. Also, it is recommended not to have the head banner that distracts from that image.

* The important contents or links must be placed at the left side of the page.

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* The navigation bars must be placed across the top or on the left side of web page. It is preferable if you place them across the top of the web page.

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* Keep in mind the “F & E” eye movement patterns while writing content as well as image layout.

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* The first two paragraphs of the webpage must share most important information about the website. Also, it is recommended not to include a lot of texts as the users won’t read them completely.

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Thus, the above points would surely help you to design a perfect website design layout according to the user’s preferences. Also, this type of user-friendly website layout will attract more number of visitors towards their site.

Ryan is a web designer and working with one of the best web design companies in Sydney since a few years. With this post, he is sharing some of the key features for designing a perfect website design layout.