7 Types of Landscape Designs Matching Your Home Décor

Do you yearn for a garden or a landscape design that reflects your style and personality? Are you aware of the landscape design that will match your style and the interior design of your home? Answering these questions is important because it is essential to have a style that flows from the inside out actually and seemingly.

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Before settling on a landscape design, you should consider the home theme or design, future maintenance, and existing natural resources. With these considerations in mind, you may go for any of the landscape designs highlighted below:

Contemporary Landscapes

Well executed landscape designs change the external and the interior appearances of any home. With an inside to out flow of the design, you can be assured of the most appealing homes. Contemporary designs offer the perfect chance to create a lasting first impression.

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The main feature of the contemporary landscape is a flower garden though you may opt for low-maintenance succulents, hedges, or bushes. Statues, water features, gravel pathways, grass, stone walls, and wood fences can also be incorporated.

Mediterranean Landscapes

The Mediterranean style gets its theme and characteristics from the plants that are incorporated to develop the style. Mediterranean plants like palm trees are characteristic of this style and you can incorporate one or more of the many types of Mediterranean plants.

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Cottage Landscapes and Gardens

A cottage landscape incorporates an abundance of color, fun artwork, and freestyle forms. The bloom of color from plants and flowers in the garden, usually just besides and next to the wall characterize this style. The cottage style emanated from the subsistence lifestyles where seeds were randomly propagated on beds just outside the house.

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Tropical Landscapes

Do you want to create a Hawaiian feel in your garden? The tropical landscape design is yours. You should consider the kinds of plants to introduce in your garden. The main plants that can be planted on a tropical landscape include succulent plants, hedges, vegetable, or flower gardens. Interesting features like pergolas, arbors, fences, or walkways can be incorporated in this design.

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To get a tree removed from your garden or during the renovations, an expert should be consulted. Such professions will also guide you on the plants to plant, pest control, and general tree maintenance.

Formal Landscapes

Such landscapes incorporate a lot of straight lines in its design. There also are perfect geometrical shapes and an orderly arrangement of plants and other features. To maintain the order and the formal form, a lot of monitoring and pruning is done so that nothing falls out of place or irregularly shaped.

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English Landscape Styles

For this style, there is a lot of emphasis placed on the harmony between the house’s interior design and architecture as well as the garden’s. There also is a high usage of water. In general, maintenance of this landscape is high.

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Oriental Landscapes

This landscape style takes advantage of the small backyard spaces available. Water, rocks, and evergreens are incorporated into such gardens. There is no line on the kind of plans in the garden meaning that several angles can be created with this.

In conclusion, whether you choose a stone-paved pathway, manicured lawns, or intricately designed landscapes, the design must benefit from the kind of attention that the interior spaces get. Since you can have interiors in any of these styles, it is important to know that the exterior spaces can complement the interiors.

Theodore Cooper is an interior and exterior design specialist with more than a decade’s experience in the field. He also works with tree care specialists and you can consult him on where and how to get a tree removed effectively.