Latest Product Design Trends 2013

When looking at the best and most exciting product design trends, it is important to differentiate between a trend and a fad. A trend is something that takes place relatively slowly but grabs hold of the public consciousness and fades away slowly over time though some trends last for decades. A fad is something that becomes extremely popular in quick time, an overnight sensation if you will, and then disappears into the night as if it never existed. The majority of popular music acts are perfect examples of fads! When it comes to product design trends 2013, you need to focus on something that could have longevity rather than going for a product that merely follows the latest innovations. A trend will remain current and not look outdated in the space of a few months. Below are some of the best product design trends doing the rounds.

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1 – Mini Keyboard

This is a new product design and is a keyboard created to combat the second most common cause of computer-related injuries, poor design. Office workers and anyone who uses a keyboard for a considerable length of time is at risk of sustaining repetitive strain injuries. It is estimated that women are three times more likely to get injured than men because of poor keyboard design. The narrowed down dimensions lead to an ergonomically correct position for women to work in thus reducing the amount of injuries sustained.

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2 – 13 Inch Laptops

Companies are eager to cash in on the trend of 13 inch laptops as this is considered to be the perfect size for a portable PC. A full-sized notebook can be heavy and difficult to maneuver while mini laptops can be hard to operate and for some individuals, reading the text on screen is tough and they are forced to squint. If you are interested in following this trend, get ready to splurge as the top brand 13 inch laptops retail at around $1,500!

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13 Inch Laptops

3 – Ultra Thin Notebooks

We have been through the ‘thin is in’ phase of human development before: Though that related to the human body. This time, thin notebooks are expected to make a splash in the next few years. Although the concept has been around for several years, developers are only getting it right in recent times with extraordinarily thin notebooks now available to buy. At once time, these notebooks were only for wealthy executives and were priced accordingly but soon, they will be affordable to everyone.

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4 – Mini Tablet

When Google and Amazon latch onto a trend, you know it is going to be big! The mini 7-inch tablet is big news and amazingly, Apple has been left behind for now as the Kindle Fire HD 7 and Nexus 7 steal the limelight. Oddly enough, even the late Steve Jobs, the genius behind many Apple innovations, got this one wrong as he believed the idea of mini tablets would be an unsuccessful one. Apple has since released the new iPad mini in a bid to capture the market but they have work to do. 7 inch tablets fit in your jacket pocket and are about half the price of 10 inch tablets.

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mini tablets

5 – Smartphone

“How is this a trend?” we hear you cry! While it’s true that Smartphones have been around for years, they are the epitome of a product design trend because of their enduring popularity and the fact that new versions are created on a regular basis by the main companies in the industry which include Blackberry, Apple and Android. According to the latest statistics, Smartphones will make up more than 50% of the global mobile phone market by 2013. Some of the best Smartphone designs about to be released include the Nokia Lumia 920 (which resembles a mini laptop), Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy 3 and Google Nexus 4. As you can see, Smartphones will continue to be a trend because of their popularity and the level of competition. When Google release a Smartphone, Apple will have to follow and so on.

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latest smartphones

Forget about fads, the above product design trends are the real deal and will continue to enjoy success because of the quality of the products and innovation shown by the respective companies.

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