Latest Technologies Using in Classroom Today

Gone are those days when a regular classroom was like a conventional desk and blackboard arranged learning room where teacher used to teach lessons and students used to learn by following teachers’ instructions and presentation of course matters. These days, smart technology has been induced quite smoothly in a classroom and that has converted the regular classroom concept into a smart classroom. Students are no more learning their lessons by one way teaching and interacting, smart technology based interactive way of learning has added a new dimension for teaching and learning.

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technology in modern classrooms

Let’s check the latest technologies generally used in a smart classroom for enhancing quality of interactive education.

Smart Board

It looks like a big white board but nowadays it has become a part of smart classroom because of its awesome interactive advantage. This smart board permits teachers to write class notes digitally and can be saved for students for later use. In advanced studies this smart board technology helps in continuing classes in collaborative interactive way and helps teachers and students to get feedback faster than ever. Based on world’s finest UHD interactive display, it has become globally popular for its utility and user-friendliness.

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This one of the most talked about smart technology that has made a teachers class coordination quite easy and time saving. This smart technology allows user teachers in tracking attendance digitally, assigning grades, and many more features for best coordination between parents and teachers for better monitoring of each student in a class. It is a user friendly technology and at present in being used globally for its excellent output.

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This is one of the most interactive technologies are now in use in classroom, which has earned global reputation. This smart technology is best suitable for virtual classroom, which induces for the students and teachers a hang of regular classroom and this initiate better responsiveness between students and teacher.

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By using Educreations, teachers can make video lessons; they need to use a recordable interactive whiteboard by using an iPad or by log in a website. The website offers a public directory of lessons which students and teachers can browse unlimited for their study help.

Better Lesson

This interactive smart classroom technology has added a new era in regular as well as distant classroom teaching. The users of this technology can use wonderful advantages for their benefits. It is a social media platform that teachers can use to organize and share their course/syllabus. The platform allows its users to browse through an elaborate repository of presentation, repository, lessons, complete units, etc, by using a simple search enabled smart interface as well as they will be facilitated with the allowance to upload their own lessons/assignments on a dashboard.

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Cloud-based Word Processing

Cloud-based word processing programs are now counted as one of the smart technologies in smart classrooms. One of such technology example is use of Google Docs or Shutterbug. With the advent of online learning and the virtual classroom, students need to work on their projects and interact mutually with peers and for expert help to their teacher in a flexi manner. With the capability to access, edit and communicate with many people in the same document, these tools are now easy but efficient way to convert a classroom into a most interactive domain beyond the outdated walls.

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Biometrics is the technology used to identify humans based on precise bodily or interactive traits. It is widely anticipated that in near future, this technology will help intelligent software in understanding the emotional and physical state of children in a classroom. Course material assigned to students can be altered as well as can be perfectly personalized based on individual needs which will be supported by biometric signals received from students.

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In this technology, physical traits likes facial expression, heart rate, skin dryness and even  body odor can will be used to form detailed reports of student comprehension and performance level. Behavioral signs such as typing rhythm, gait and voice can help teachers to know when students are in requirement of extra assistance as well as support them in understanding the right teaching for individual student.

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