Latest Web Design Trends to Follow

It’s high time to talk about the latest web design trends of this year. First of all, the basic tendency will be made by adaptive web design. In fact the diversity of trends is caused by speedy and mass spreading of mobile internet. Another stable trend is usage of HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery technologies for creating unusual effects in design such as vertical navigation and parallax scrolling. Minimalism, textures and typographic websites hold their stable positions in the world of web design.

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Vertical Navigation

Some time ago this design solution met a lot of caustic remarks. It was difficult to find an interesting solution to make this technique work. Nevertheless, more and more web designers successfully illustrate their ideas of using vertical navigation. It can add manoeuvrability and attract visitors with unique content disposition.

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Circular Design Elements

This technique is absolutely new. Designers pay a lot of attention to its usage. The circle perfectly matches any layout a designer prefer, it is easy to attract attention to information by placing it inside of the circular frame. Circular design elements adds dynamic and highlights the most important segments on the web page. And of course they are beaming with eccentricity.

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Large Photo Background

Except of photographers and those who are fond of being models themselves, people with a good taste will also assess the merits of this wonderful technique. Beautiful professionally made photo will never spoil the web page, especially if this photo serves as the background for a good content. Properly done and reasonably used large photo background catches readers’ attention and creates amazing effect of real involving to the topic of the web site.

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Landing Pages in a Minimalist Style

Selling through the internet offers numerous advantages both for the customers and businessmen. The customer is welcome to see the whole range of products in one click! Isn’t it great? Landing page design requires attention as the first goal standing before the businessman is bait.

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Thereupon the minimalist web design is exactly what you need! Barely touched by graphics, websites made in minimalist style help their visitors to focus on the main service or product offered there. The simpler the better!

Well Developed Social Media Marketing

The success of a website is determined by well-developed marketing strategy. Social media budgets used on your websites can noticeably improve sales figures. The position of these budgets is absolutely arbitrary. For instance, you can place to articles or blog posts. This will give your visitors an opportunity to share the most interesting finds with their friends in such social communities as Twitter and Facebook.

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Detailed Illustrations

Every designer sets the main goal – to hold the visitor’s attention. One of the approaches to gain this goal is using illustrations. Of course it’s a challenging task as not every designer is able to create a true work of art, which will fascinate even the most demanding visitor. Still, if you feel potential to making up wonderful digital illustrations or have a really talented web designer at your service, this technique can work! It is difficult to find more original and attractive decision for your website!

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