LG Optimus 3D – The World’s First 3D Smartphone


The LG Optimus 3D has the distinction of being the world’s first smartphone in 3D.  While most people will be wondering what difference this will make to them, 3D is a plus point to those who want to watch movies in this format.

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The good news is that the 3D function does not have to be switched on all the time and there is a button on the side of the handset for this reason.  This is the 3D launcher which can take the user through a range of 3D apps such as a 3D YouTube channel and a variety of games.

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Serious gamers might want to consider this handset as an option as it seems there are plenty of games out there that have 3D versions.


However, you can also use the 3D function to take photos in this format as well as shooting film.  You do not have to use 3D for it and can easily switch between 2D and 3D with the help of the aforementioned button.

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No matter how against 3D you are you will not be able to resist taking a few snaps with it and when you do you will appreciate the good quality images that result.   The camera itself has 5 megapixels and you can adjust settings for different scenarios.  HD video is good quality, although in 3D mode the resolution is lower.

Internet Use

Web browsing is one of the main reasons why anyone buys a smartphone and you will be pleased to hear that the LG Optimus 3D is speedy when online.  You get to see at the touch of a button the web pages that you have viewed recently so you have good access to your favourite pages.

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The design of the phone is also a plus – it is a little on the chunky side but many users appreciate the solid feel of the handset.

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Operating System

The operating system is an Android one but it is one of the older versions of it and it is hoped that there will soon be an upgrade.

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All of these features mean that the phone is a little heavy on battery life.  This is nothing new to smartphone users who are used to charging phones every day.  However, heavy use might mean that you do not get a full day out of this one.  While some people might not mind carrying around a charger, it will not be convenient for everyone.


This is actually not a bad smartphone but unless you intend to make use of the 3D options, you might want to consider another model.  As it is early days for 3D smartphones it might be worth hanging on to see what the developments are with this.

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There are plans for other manufacturers to bring out 3D versions although many are concentrating on simply producing good quality smartphones with other features.  It would be a shame to splash out on this version simply to never use the 3D options, particularly when there are a number of features which need an upgrade on the handset.

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