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List of Must-Have Developer Apps for Android

Android lovers have a reason to celebrate because as there is an increase in the number of devices so also are the rising number of applications available to choose from. Google’s operating service has turned out to be an awesome versatile contender. The smartphones that we use have evolved pretty much into miniature versions of a mobile PC that gives us the flexibility to do things that seemed impossible to do otherwise. Some of the applications that Android has is a must have for developers for they not only help you creatively but are also super efficient.

While there may be many apps available to pick from, absolute must have developer apps for android would be:

HTML Editor

All web developers that take their work seriously will for sure acknowledge and understand what an HTML editor does for them and in all probability have HTML editor installed. Some of the best features it has are an integrated help system, undo and redo feature, syntax highlighting and code completion. Apart from this also supports CSS, PHP, HTML and JavaScript files. If you have a roaming HTML with you will make things super convenient.

html editor


Any developer could vouch that HTML is by far the favorite of most professionals and beginners alike. A particularly good reason for it to be at the top is the ease with which you can use it and an almost intuitive subtle manner in which it operates. Also there are tests that it presents which have proved to be very handy in improving your understanding of HTML.

html test

View Web Source

Unlike most of the other applications, View Web Source permits you to know the source code of almost any site very easily and the reason it does so is because it has the ability to download the code into the text editor. So basically it bestows the freedom and ease to search, select and edit texts in the code. It also has some fantastic options of copy and paste into emails that can be checked at a later time as well as effecting changes.

view web source


If you want your vision to come into being, embrace this application. Besides being very user friendly, it permits you to stay in touch with your FTP clientele base, create folders, edit permissions, run custom commands and delete files. It also most importantly lets you obtain the material on your server. AndFTP being a client of FTPS, SCP, FTP and SFTP gives you the capability of managing multiple configurations of FTP.


Magic Color Picker

Often times the process of thinking about the possible design options can be cumbersome but with the Magic Color Picker you can browse the awesome wheel of the most fantastic colors that are safe for the web in your search for that ideal shade. You can get multiple formats of color volumes that comprises of HSV, YUV, RGB and HSL.

magic color picker

The exclusive desktop days are long gone and finally the 5 applications mentioned here can make your web development experience easy, comfortable from just about anywhere and at any time!

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