7 Logo Design Strategies for Effective Branding [Infographic]

Designing a logo opens up a world of choices—starting with how you plan to actually create the logo. If you’re anything like most designers, you feel you’ve got two options. Either you create the logo of your client’s dreams, or you do what you want to come up with a cool design.

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Unfortunately, neither of these options works. Your clients’ big dreams will often end up looking like design nightmares. But if you do your own thing, your design won’t match the client’s brand identity… and clients who don’t get what they paid for won’t come back.

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There is good news, though. You can strike the perfect balance between your client’s branding and your design goals with this logo design tool. It reveals seven strategies for making incredible logo designs that your clients will love.

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You can single out an area to focus on—like creating an adaptable design or narrowing down your target audience. Or, use these concepts in tandem to create a powerful logo with potential to become a pop culture icon.

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The design team at Company Folders, the creator of this graphic, has combined decades of experience. They’ve shared their design portfolio, where you can browse cool logo designs and learn more about their services.

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