5 Tips to Design a Logo Yourself

Are you a logo designer? Do you love to design logos? Do you like to play with different colors? Have you read the killer tips to design a logo? If all your answers are ‘yes’ then this post will surely help you a lot designing a killer logo for your personal or business website. Using these tips, you will be able to design logos that will surely mesmerize your clients. Designing a logo is as simple as you think, right? Think over and over again. What is good to you may not be good to others, same as design, what is nice to you may not be nice to others. There is more to crafting a brand’s visual identity than just placing a business name in a square as well as calling it a day.

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Tips for Logo Design

Logo design is high in demand so designers, and it is for good reason – a logo is sometimes a business’s first impression. As the proverb says, first impression is the last impression. A logo is a face of a brand name, one that can influence customers’ brand perception. It has huge impact on buying decisions and overall attitude toward a product and/or services. We are living in a society that painted with brand logos. We see logo everywhere, from shop to mall, from business to service, online and offline. Even children who cannot tie their own shoelace recognize many different logos.

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Logo is capable to deduce what a company sells, only by looking at its brand mark.

For those who are about to start on a brand design or business logo design journey, or think it is the time for his business’s visual identity to undergo a face lift, we did talk with some expert logo designers to gather five tips for killer logo design for your business or clients.

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  • Be Specific, Unique and Clever – When you are designing a logo, you should be specific about what you are designing. Be very specific of the business, the niche, the product or the service your client is offering. If you understand their business from the first take, you will be able to design the best logo they need. In most of the cases, imitation is a best way of flattery, so the clever you are the unique you are.
  • Understand the Brand and Utilize online resources and tools – A logo is nothing but an image of a business. When you are designing a logo, you should understand the brand for which you are designing. Albeit, you can use the online resources as well as tools available for support.
  • Color is the key to Show the Name – If you are a logo designer, you must understand why and where to use the colors. Color is the key to logo design. You have probably seen that many companies use logo designed with mono or single color. Most of them even do not like to use multiple colors, but a single color can display many things. Study the logos made with single color and see the way they use to design their logo.
  • Design to understand Easy and Flexible to capture attention – Creativity is important to design a logo. But, one thing you should keep in mind is, your design should create uniqueness, easy to understand and capture the attention.
  • Do not look for Immediate Success – When you design a logo, you should have patience. One creation cannot get success just in a day or night. You should not look for immediate success rather than spending time on it.

So you are designing a logo for your business! It sounds like an easy and adequate task, right? Like drawing a circle or rectangle or so forth and filling it up with single or multiple colors and you are done. Honestly, it is not that easy if you think it is what you are thinking. You need to know many different things that are important for a logo design.

We have listed some killer tips to design business logo after consulting with professional designers to help you understand the basic concept of logo design. If you are really worth the money the client is paying you, there is a lot more to it than that, but the listed tips will surely help you.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on office interior design, Lifestyle Design, graphic design services, exhibition design etc..