Lovely Wedding Trends: Page Boy and Flower Girls Outfits

Wedding is not just to celebrate love of two persons. It originates from feasts and rituals which celebrated fertility and called for better offspring. Thus, an essential part of every traditional wedding are children – flower girl and page boy. Throughout history, their roles may have slighty changed, but one of them still remains: by performing their duties, they are there to attract fertility and make the marriage a successful one.

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Flower Girls Wedding Trends

Before the bride enters the church, she is led by a miniature version of herself. Flower girlsare usually chosen among the bride’s family members, so that there is still a blood connection between them. The flower girl usually wears a white gown, just like the bride, and the accent is on innocence. Thus, the flower girl gown must be chosen with great care. Maybe the cutest will be those with a big skirt. And flowers in her hair are an essential touch.

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Even though traditionally the gown should be white, in modern weddings there is a tendency to match the flower girl’s gown with the nuance of the maid of honour. The flower girl usually takes in her hands a basket with flower petals, which she spreads before the bride’s footsteps, thus leading her way to the altar and her future husband. In the earlier days, flower girls used to throw wheat, and even garlic but, luckily for the modern brides, this custom has changed long time ago. This custom comes from Ancient Romans who had a young virgin who would carry sheats of wheat, thus bringing the newlyweds well-being and good crops.

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Page Boys Wedding Trends

Similarly, the page boy would be a boy from within the family, giving accent to the unity and family values. As a part of the wedding ritual, followed by a flower girl spreading rose petals in front of the bride, a page boy would walk behind the bride and carry her wedding dress’ long train, paying special attention that it does not drag on the ground and get dirty. This would require the boy being able to lift the train, and even though this task seemed easy to us, it would assume that the boy has enough strength and be older than seven.

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During the course of time, the page boy’s role has slightly changed. They can sometimes even be seen carrying a pillow with wedding rings. Depending on the family agreement, this role of the ring bearer would given to the best man nowadays. The page boy would then help the flower girl with the flowers, and the ceremony would still be a cute one, due to their miniature appearance resembling the bride and the groom. Their dressing would thus be similar to the groom or the best man, paying attention to the tradition of the new ceremonials.

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What is out of doubt is that the flower girl and a page boy are there to stay, because without them and their innocent little faces traditional weddings just would not be the same.