A Popular Trend of Luxurious Living In Small Granny Flats

The granny flats are not what it used to be previously. In this modern era, a huge transformation from a simple and convenient home to something new happen that is contemporary. It is an excellent solution to luxurious living. This idea of small granny flats has dramatically grown in these few years. The granny flats are versatile in nature. They are an excellent option for teenagers, as well as old parents. It gives them privacy with all the facilities of comfortable living. It is worth living from the cost point of view. These flats are like an extension in to the open space around the main house. This concept is introduced to keep the elderly parents close to you, but without affecting their independence.

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  • The most important advantage of the small granny flats is that your parents can stay close to you. It is obvious that, as they grow in age, they require some amount of emotional security. It is common among elders that they feel lonely and helpless. However, if they stay just at the backyard of your house, it will be easy for you to take care of them.
  • They are better than a nursing home or an elder care home. These retirement homes are quite expensive proposition even though they may suit the requirements of the old people. They also need not live with strangers, if you can take care of them.
  • There is the best option that your parents are well cared. You can not only take care, but also spend time with them when you are free. Their existence will be a benefit to you, as they can advise you according to their experience and maturity.

  • The small granny flats can be designed for the elders keeping in mind all the facilities. The doors can be built wider with large bathrooms, flush floors, and gadgets.
  • The flats are designed, especially to have an easy access to the main house, which becomes convenient for the elders to move around.
  • The family life is not disrupted. You can live the way you want and they will live independently, too. You do not have to alter the entire schedule. Instead, you are relaxed as they are near you. They do not interfere in your matters, which also retains your independence.

Tips To Design the Granny Flat

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  • The small granny flats that are well designed significantly add value to your home. You will experience a warm and comfortable environment along with your loved ones. The builders renovate your house to make your dream turn into a reality. You can renovate and extend the space by creating a lot of space. You can make most of the outdoor space creating a safe environment for the loved ones.
  • The space is utilized in an optimum way to create space for the storage. The space under the bed or the bench is the best solution, as it is the most needed space. You can also create accessible storage like wall shelves and shelf racks.

  • The renovation of small granny flats can be done is a way to create an ambiance that will assess the natural light all over the flat. The use of mirrors will reflect light making the hallway look longer.
  • You should choose the perfect furniture that is stylish and colorful. The lights, floor, and wall complement each other properly. The couches, chairs, and tables have to be according to your preference creating a perfect and comfortable environment.
  • The kitchen is considered the center of the house that can be designed to make it the best place of the house.

Hence, you can follow these tips to design your small granny flat.