5 Elements of a Majestic Interior Design

No special qualification is required to be an interior designer as no special qualification is required to be a creative person. If you have the ability to dream, imagine and explore; and you can bring your imagination to reality, you can create a striking interior design without paying a boatload to an interior designer. There are some simple ways for transforming your ordinary looking interior into an impressive and inspiring interior.

Here are the top 5 elements for creating a majestic interior.

Make a Good Use of Light

Candles are being used in chandeliers in order to decorate palaces. Even natural light was used as a decoration material. Small pieces of glass, crystals and semi-precious stones were embroidered in roofs and walls. These small pieces of glasses and semi-precious stones were illuminated by natural light coming from small skylights and holes made in walls. Modern chandeliers are decorated with colorful bulbs of different sizes. Chandeliers of different sizes can be used to illuminate rooms with colorful light. Homeowners can also use skylights, glass windows and solar tubes to illuminate rooms with natural light.

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Make Use of Natural Materials

We are not talking about wood furniture. There are many other natural and organic materials that can be used for creating striking interior and exterior as well. Leather furniture is an example. Teak, slate, rock, wood, wool, cotton and gorgeous textiles are some of the natural and organic materials that can be used to decorate the interior.

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Open Floor Plan

Filling the available space with decors creates a cluttered space. Ornamenting every nook and corner of the room with home decoration materials does not create a great room. Choosing the right home decoration materials for specific areas in the room creates an iconic grand experience.

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Use Vibrant Color Scheme

Make use of the neutral tones of colors such as black, white, gray and brown. These colors are perfect for lighting fixtures, furnishing, flooring and textiles. The color of the decors you are using should perfectly blend into the color of walls, floor and roof. A vibrant color scheme plays an important role in making of an iconic interior.

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Get Something from Other Culture

This enables you to make your interior beautiful and unique. People of different cultures have their own decors and styles to decorate their homes. For example, Indian embroidery can be a great addition to your interior design project. Similarly, rugs from Afghanistan, Persia, Turkey and some other countries are very popular and are being used as home decoration materials.

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