Making Your Own Charm Bracelet; Simple Tips

Making your own jewellery is easy, especially now you can buy all of the supplies that you need online. Making a charm bracelet is a great activity to do alone or with a group of friends; as it’s getting close to Christmas you could even make one for each of your friends as gifts. Once you’ve made a few and got the hang of it you will want to make them all day every day; there are many magazines and websites that you can use as a guide for a few designs but the best charm bracelets are based on personality so choosing charms to match people’s interests makes them even better.

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Tip to Make Your Charm Bracelet

Think Over the Basic Design of Charm

The first thing to do, before you start shopping is to decide on a basic design for your bracelet, i.e. the main colours and the colour of the chain. You could create bracelets based on hobbies, interests or even your name, it’s easy. Once you have a basic design begin to gather your supplies, you can always alter your design as your supplies come together but having the initial idea will help you decide what you need.

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Choose the Chain

Once you’ve got all of your beads and charms it’s time to choose a chain. You can buy ready-made charm bracelet chains (with a clasp) or you can buy a chain and attach your own clasp it’s completely up to you. Chains are available in different lengths, weights, sizes and even colours so you can even find a chain to match your personality. There are many different styles of chains available so you should make sure you choose one that you can hang charms from as well as beads.

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Choose the Charms

Now it’s time for the fun bit – choosing the charms. This is the creative part where you can really let your personality shine through. Charms are ready made and can be bought as matching sets or individually depending on what you prefer. You can even have charms made for you if you like, but these will be a little more expensive. The great thing about charm bracelets is that they don’t have to match at all, unlike other jewellery.

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Put them in Order to Give the Final Shape

Next you can put it together in whatever order you like, just make sure that your charms don’t fall off – a safety chain might be a good idea. In order to design the bracelet in a way that you like you should arrange the beads underneath the chain before you put them on – this just saves aggravation if you decide you don’t like the design, you can just rearrange rather than taking them off again.

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Once you’re happy with the design and you’ve threaded the charms you have the finished product and you’ll probably want to make many more. So don’t forget to follow these tips to make your charm bracelet in simple way.

Jewellery maker Jane Shoop recommends Zap Creative as a great place to buy your charms and a whole range of other gifts.