What is ManAPP?

ManApp, an app which helps you set and accomplish goals by using a system of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

ManAPP is surprisingly a super effective solution to laziness, addiction, over anxiety, and any other negative habits no matter how nugatory they may seem. And sure this app won’t change your life after one week but for me it just gave a more acute awareness of my accountability. My pursuit to run my first marathon is an ongoing struggle and any app that will push me is exactly what I need. The app consist of 5 tools which assist in increasing goal achievability: Quotes, quit counters, journals, peer support, and reminders.

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The motivational quotesare precisely what get me going at those low points in my day. I set the reminder to every four hours during the day and while my instant reaction was “WHO CARES, I WANNA TAKE A NAP”, my reaction following after a few more were much more positive and I found myself really pursuing myself to be the best version of me I can be! Again these quotes are tiny fragments of my day but in the long term, they have a profound effect on my psyche.

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I’m not one to publicize my weakness and faults, but the important role the journal entries play is to help you recognize your subconscious habits, this is to create accountability. The developer stresses that the cornerstone of improvement is accountability. For me, I could only use the chat feature with one of my friends and never could muster up the courage to make it a group thing. If you got the guts to make it a group thing, go for it. I’m sure there are people out there that would achieve miraculous results from this simple and intuitive application.

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Now relapsing whether it be a tiny, minutiae thing or a huge lapse in judgment is bound to happen and don’t freak like I did. Just stay in touch with your friends and really attempt to kickstart a new life. I honestly believe that this app will do that for you. But I’m just a dude; the only person who can make the change is you, nobody else. Give it two weeks of consistently striving to achieving your goals and chat with at least one person. Set the reminders to any point of the day when you might really need it (for me, when I wake up) and make it your mission to not give in to the easy. Set tangible goals that you honestly believe you can accomplish and go from there.

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With Twitter and Facebook integration, this app is definitely fit for any and everybody but the challenge to broadcast your faults is difficult but I can assure it is worthwhile. The developer has plans for an iOS release by next year. ManAPP: 5 Stars.

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You can download ManAPP here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.manapp

And check out their homepage: http://manapp.101sys.co