Top Ways of Marketing & Selling Expired Domains

Do you have expired domains? Would you like to make extra money out of the expired domains? Do you know to market and actually sell the expired domains? The reason why most people with access to expired domain names leave them lying is because they lack the knowledge and the means necessary to market and sell the expired domains.

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To get you out of this group, and to turn your dormant resources into profits, follow the following guidelines:

Sell Domains on Your Website

Instead of using your website or your blog to market or give information about your other services like web design, you may also create a tab with a list of all the expired domain names in your disposal.

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While listing the domains, include necessary information about the backlinks on the domains if you have checked off the inbound and outbound links. If you haven’t checked any of these, then, all you will have to do is to put disclaimers on the domains. Include information that the buyers should verify including Google bans, Google AdSense blocks or bans, spammy links, and the backlinks. If you are honest about such information, there will be higher chances of you selling the expired accounts.

Try Domain Flipping

For this, you will have to search the internet for active sites where domains are sold and purchased. Once there, with your good quality but expired domain, even with zero content, put up your expired domain name(s) for sale at a reasonable price. Within a few days, you will find that the domain name was actually purchased at your asking price.

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Monetize the Domain with Test Link Ads

Links are controversial, but this is how most domain names started, and how they are earning big bucks. You will be required to sell your domain links to an established market. You should also have a site approved for the sale of the links. Links whose domain names have higher ranking will be sold fast at reasonable rates and within a few months, you will begin earning constant revenue.

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Build Authority Sites

Juicy expired domains and other big domain selling houses have high authority. You may also start off by first finding a highly ranked domain name. The Page Authority and the Domain Authority matters here and you will be required to use a lot of unique and niche keywords to reach your target market.

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Instead of building up a profile for your domain brand site from scratch, you should consider using the authority sites with high ranking so as to get to the market fast. This will also increase your chances of selling more expired domains.

Link to Other Domains

You should use your domain names to link to your other niches. The links widen your market and these result in higher sales. You may find yourself buying other authority domains to make more money off them.

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Domain Sites into Niche Sites

Use keywords to target a niche and see how it is ranked by the biggest search engines. Keywords and expired domains directed to a particular market lead to higher sales.

In conclusion, starting with few expired domains and putting them out in the market, you will be able to tap into the market and make good sales. Instead of having expired domains lying dormant, use these strategies to create revenue.

Mathew Matterson is a SEO and expired domain name reseller. He has worked as a freelancer and he has also worked with juicy expired domains. Check his LinkedIn profile to learn more.